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First, Suitable for the industry 

Business cards, store coupons, and other card products.

Second, The Material 

1. How to choose stainless steel?

1) Inland areas: From the cost considerations, the indoor cardholder uses 201 stainless steel.

2) Coastal area: From the perspective of durability, the indoor cardholder uses 304 stainless steel.


2. How thick stainless steel is used?

The weight of business cards or other paper card products is relatively light and has little effect on the business cardholder. In order to achieve high quality and low price, the thickness of stainless steel is recommended to be 1.0mm - 2.0mm. In order to ensure safe use, the thickness of stainless steel is recommended to be no less than 1.0mm.

Third, The Size 

1, common size: length 90 x width 35 x height 55 mm

2, custom size: can be customized according to actual needs.

Fourth, common surface treatment:

1. Drawing: The vertical lines on the surface are not broken, and the appearance is high-grade and popular. It can be sprayed on the surface to prevent fingerprints.

2, mirror: surface like a mirror, good quality mirror steel, you can clearly see the object. Ordinary mirror steel can only see blurred objects.

3, sandblasting: the surface looks like dense sand. It is better to spray the sand with a 2B board, so the cost will be lower.

4, electroplating: color can choose gold, rose gold, bronze, and other special colors, the plating effect is very natural and beautiful, but the cost is the highest.

Five, Disassembly Structure 

1, the tool-free simple slot installation design, only 2-3 seconds to complete the installation, no waste of manpower and resources.

2. The package size of the self-constructed structure is 100*45*65mm, and the package size of the disassembly structure is 100*75*10mm. The package size of the self-constructed structure is four times larger than that of the disassembly structure, so the disassembly structure is better.


Business card backplane

1, backplate size

1) Original design: length 90mm x height 65mm

2) Custom size: can be customized according to a business card or card size.

2, backplane slot

1) Slot width: 2.2mm. It must be larger than the plate thickness of 0.1mm - 0.2mm to ensure that the backplate and the bottom plate are not tight or loose after being inserted into each other.

2) Slot position: The slot is 13mm from the bottom end of the backplane. The farther away from the bottom end of the backboard, the greater the inclination of the cardholder, it is not recommended to exceed 18mm.

3, backplane logo

1) Laser marking l: logo concave, the color is light milk-white or deep milk white

2) Etching: logo concave, selectable color

3) Silkscreen printing: logo printing on stainless steel surface, color can be selected, silk screen printing mold is required

4) UV printing: logo printing on stainless steel surface, can make a glossy and three-dimensional effect, no need for mold

Business card bottom plate

1, the number of business cards stored

1) The area where the original design business card is stored is 10mm wide, and for a regular paper business card with a thickness of 0.2 - 0.3mm, it can store up to 30 sheets.

2) The storage area can be expanded according to actual needs to store a larger number of business cards.

2, the bottom plate slot

1) The size of the backplane slot is the same as the size of the backplane slot.

2) When the backplane slot is on the right, the backplane slot must be on the left. When the backplane slot is on the left, the backplane slot must be on the right. This allows you to insert each other.

3, the bottom plate shape design

1) For the sake of beauty, our company cut a circular arc shape behind the bottom plate.

2) You can also change the bottom plate to a regular rectangle according to your preference.

Sixth, Packaging

Conventional packaging: PO plastic bag, 20 mm thick foam, 5 layers of KAA carton packaging.

Packing: flat packaging, overall packaging


Eight, how high is the production error rate on the billion?    

Considering that it is inconvenient for customers to come to our company before shipment and to hire a third-party inspection company, we insist on 100% product exemption and 0% production error and open a new friendship and cooperation mode. 

We are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses with small orders save money.



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