Bra Display

This two faces bra display not only can display bra, but also briefs, swimwear, pajamas,even key chains and other goods which can be hung. Anyway it has a great use for stores.

Product Details


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This two faces bra display not only can display bra but also briefs, swimwear, pajamas, even key chains and other goods which can be hung. Anyway, it has great use for stores.

bra display, bra display

Bra Display Product materials:

1. Iron plate: The thickness of the top iron plate can be selected from 0.8-1.0mm, and the thickness of the bottom iron plate can be selected from 1.0-1.5mm.

2, stainless steel square tube (support tube): the wall thickness can be selected from 0.8-1.2mm, the size is recommended to use 40 x 40mm, 50 x 50mm, 60 x 60mm (used by our company), 70 x 70mm or 80 x 80mm.

3, stainless steel round tube (hanging rod): the wall thickness can be selected from 0.5-1.0mm, the tube diameter is recommended to use 8mm, 9mm, 10mm (used by our company), 11mm or 12mm.

Remarks: For indoor use, it is recommended to use 201 stainless steel. For outdoor or coastal use, 304 or 316 stainless steel is recommended.


1. Standard size: small - length 80 x width 45 x height 150 cm, medium - length 100 x width 50 x 155 cm, large - length 120 x width 55 x height 170 cm

2, custom size: according to the size of the product and the number of products required to customize the size.

Surface treatment:

1. Iron plate:

1) The conventional color is sprayed with a choice of semi-gloss black, high gloss black, matte black or matte black.

2) Special colors are painted, and paint can also be used to make gradient colors.

2, stainless steel square tube and round tube:

1) Conventional brushed surface, mirror surface, sand steel or sandblasting can also be used according to need to maintain the original color of stainless steel.

2) Other colors can be plated, such as gold, rose gold, bronze, and the like.

Disassembly structure

1. This display frame contains stainless steel and iron materials. The iron material needs to be dusted. The stainless steel does not need to be dusted. These two materials must be separate parts.

2. The packaging volume of the self-contained structure is twice that of the disassembly and assembly structure, and the disassembly and assembly structure can save 1 time of packaging and transportation costs.

Product details:

Display structure

1. Double-sided display: Display more varieties of goods, can be placed in the center of the store, easy to attract customers' attention and improve sales performance, we recommend to adopt.

2, single-sided display: can only be placed by the wall, not easy to attract customers attention, but the cost is 20% lower than the double-sided display.

Top and middle billboards

1, billboard shape

1) Top Billboard: The original design uses rounded rectangles, and can also be oval or other specified shapes.

2) Central billboard: The original design uses rounded squares, and can also be round or other specified shapes.

2, advertising methods

1) PETG cover: 1-2mm thick transparent PETG can be used as the cover and fixed with 2 or 4 advertising decorative nails. The Andy wide-panel advertisement or cardboard advertisement with four-color printing can be replaced at any time.

2) Screen printing: directly print the advertising content onto the billboard, but the content can only select the font and simple pattern, this method has the lowest cost.

3) UV printing: Direct UV printing of advertising content onto billboards, content selection is more flexible than silk screen printing, fonts and patterns can achieve illuminating and stereoscopic effects.

4) Advertising light box: The use of acrylic advertising light boxes instead of metal billboards, silk-screen printing or UV printing advertising content on the acrylic lightbox, more easily noticeable. Moreover, the power cord is hidden in the stainless steel square tube and does not affect the appearance of the display stand. Use the advertising lightbox, it is recommended that the display stand be close to the power socket for easy power supply.

3, fixed way

1) Top Billboard: Fastened to the stainless steel square tube from the top of the billboard using Phillips or Hexagon socket screws, not easy to see.

2) Central billboard: It is not easy to be seen from the center of the billboard by using Phillips screws or hexagon socket screws to fasten into the stainless steel square tube.

Hanging stick

1. Tool-free installation of hanging rods: M4 screws with a length of 30mm are distributed on the surface of the supporting square tube. The length of the screws is recommended to be within 20mm - 40mm. The threaded fittings are embedded in the hanging rod, and the hanging rod can be directly fixed on the square tube without tools, and the disassembly is convenient.

2, I type hanging rod: the original design length is 200mm, can be customized according to the needs, the recommended length is within 150mm - 300mm.

3, T-shaped hanging rod: the original design length is 435mm, the width is 135mm. The size can be customized according to the needs. The recommended length is within 300mm - 500mm and the width is within 100mm - 200mm.

4. Non-slip cap: Each port of the hanging rod is welded with a round cap 4 mm larger than the diameter of the hanging rod to prevent the product from slipping off the hanging rod. The diameter of the round cap is recommended to be within 3mm - 6mm.


1. Connection with the support tube: The support tube is inserted into the bottom, the support tube is embedded with a threaded fitting, and the screw is locked from the bottom into the threaded fitting of the support tube for fastening.

2, the bottom height: the original design is 55mm, for the sake of aesthetics, it is recommended to be within 30mm - 60mm.

3, placed decorations: the bottom is a large rectangular plane, can be placed on the bottom of the shoes, flowers and other decorations.

4. Contact with the ground:

1) Direct contact with the ground: When moving, you need to force the display frame to move, otherwise it will rub against the ground and cause scratches, and it will make a harsh sound.

2) Add adjustment feet: adjust the distance between the display stand and the ground to prevent scratching with the ground and prevent moisture.

For custom displays, we have the following advantages:

1. Free 3D sketches and renderings.

2. 24-hour online service.

3. Telephone and email communication, complete design and quotation within 24 hours.

4. For face-to-face communication, sales personnel, technicians and nuclear price staff work together to complete the design and quotation within 2 hours.

5. The delivery time of the simple display stand is 7 days, and the complicated display stand is 15-20 days.