Decorative Clothing Display Racks

This impressive desktop L-shaped LED headphone display stand shows your favorite headphones. It applies to all brands of headphones, drones and other digital displays. The entire display stand can accommodate 2 headphones.

Product Details


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This is a multifunctional fixture that can display dress, T-shirt, pants, underwear, bathing suit, scarf and other ACC. You can use it in stores as a display stand and use it at home as a storage.

 Product NameDecorative Clothing Display Racks
 Application Stores and home
 Material 12mm diameter metal wire and   25mm thick wood plate
 Size W1300 x D400 x H1800 mm
 Color White + wood grain
 Finish Metal is powder coating, wood is spray   varnish
 Services Professional ODM and OEM
 Logo If you need logo please contact us
 Gross Weight 16.6 kg.
 Package Size 410 x   1475 x 135 mm
 Delivery Time Example is 10 - 13 days. Batch is   20 - 23 days.
 Example Charge 1/3 charge can be returned in the bulk   order.

Decorative Clothing Display Racks, Decorative Clothing Display Racks, Decorative Clothing Display Racks

Product Details


1. Iron round branch: regular diameter 8mm - 15mm.

2, wood: conventional thickness 15mm - 30mm.


1. Regular size: 1000*350*1700mm, 1300*400*1800mm, 1500*450*18000mm.

2, custom size: can be customized according to the display space in the store.

Surface treatment:

1. Iron round powder: regular white or black, other colors can be customized.

2, wood: wood grain and spray paint (varnish, hammer paint, orange paint, corrugated paint, flash paint, high gloss paint, flat paint, matt paint and wood wax oil)

Suitable for the industry: dress display, shirt display, pants display, pajamas display, swimsuit display, etc.

Product Description


About the head card

1, without the first card: beautiful and cost-effective.

2, including the first card: can highlight the brand, but also can do promotion. The following two methods are recommended:

1) Acrylic head card with clip, free from tool installation and replacement.

2) The metal head plate fastened with screws can be replaced after the screw is removed.

How to prevent clothing from slipping

To prevent the garment from slipping, add anti-slip fittings at the top ends. There are 2 kinds of accessories to choose from:

1) Screw-type non-slip fittings: When there are few garments, if you do not need anti-slip fittings, you can remove them without tools. (with photos)

2) Soldering and fixing: it is firm and cannot be removed.

Middle part:


1. Material: wood board, iron board or acrylic board can be used. In order to match the beauty and cost, we use a light color splint.

2, size:

1) Our company adopts 940* wide and 20mm long and 475mm from the ground (can be customized).

2) The smaller the distance between the shelf and the ground, the larger the shelf width. The greater the distance between the shelf and the ground, the smaller the shelf width.

3. Installation method:

1) Supporting round support at both ends of the shelf, the diameter of the corresponding round support at the bottom of the shelf, the shelf can be directly placed on the support round support, and the shelf will not affect the aesthetic appearance of the display. (I use it) (with photos)

2) Both ends of the shelf are fixed on the round support by screws, and the screw head protrudes from the surface of the round support. Remove the screws and the shelf, and the screw holes will be seen on the round support.

Hanging stick

1. Size: Our company adopts 390mm length, and the distance from the ground can be customized according to needs.

2. Quantity: Our company uses a hanging stick on one side of the display rack, and can also add a hanging stick on the other side. For aesthetics, it is recommended not to exceed 3 sticks per side.

3, fixed way:

1) Welding method, does not affect the aesthetics, can not be removed (used by our company)

2) The screw fastening method, the screw head will be seen and can be removed.


1. Support width: It is recommended to be between 30mm and 45mm. Our company chooses 38mm.

2, anti-scratch pad: can add anti-scratch silicone pad or foam pad at the bottom 4 corners. (with photos)

Eight, product disassembly structure

1, tool-free installation, 1 person installation takes only 15-30 minutes. The stitching position is dense and does not affect the appearance of the display rack.

2, the packaging volume is small, saving 5 times the packaging cost. For the sample, you can save 15 times the cost of the courier. For batches, you can save at least 3 times the cost of shipping.

This display stand is suitable for women's clothing stores. Can it be used for trendy men's clothing stores?

1) The 4 corners of the original design are rounded corners, and the right angle is used to highlight the geometric three-dimensionality.

2) The original design color is white, and it is changed to black or gray to highlight male charm.

3) The original design of the shelf is made of light-colored wood, using dark wood or using a hanging stick instead of wood to increase the trend.