Rotating Garment Underwear Display Stand

Rotating Garment Underwear Display Stand

This is a rotating garment underwear display stand, simple but multifunctional display stand which can display various products, such as underwear, shoe, handbag, and others. It can apply to the supermarket, department stores, homes and so on. It can be customized! If you would like to order our products, please contact us at the following address:

Product Details



For custom display stands, we have the following advantages:

1. Free 3D sketches and renderings.

2. 24-hour online service.

3. Telephone and email communication, complete design and quotation within 24 hours.

4. For face-to-face communication, sales personnel, technicians and nuclear price staff work together to complete the design and quotation within 2 hours.

5. The delivery time of the simple display stand is 7 days, and the complicated display stand is 15-20 days.

 If you would like to order our products, please contact us at the following address:

 Product Details 


1,  Stainless steel: 201 stainless steel can be used in ordinary indoors, and 304 stainless steel can be used in the coastal area.

2, the Material thickness can be selected from 0.8mm to 1.0mm.

3. Acrylic: Optional milk whiteboard or color board, the thickness can be selected from 1.5mm - 3.0mm.


1,  Regular size: length 370 x width 370 x height 1355mm.

2, custom size: size can be customized according to needs, in order to ensure the aesthetics, it is recommended not to exceed 1500mm.

Surface treatment

1,  Stainless steel: Our company uses a Polished surface. Buyers can choose drawing, sand steel, sandblasting or electroplating according to their preferences. Electroplating can be selected from colors such as gold, rose gold, bronze, and the like.

2,  Acrylic: It is recommended that the color be opaque.

Suitable for the industry

1, footwear: tied rope shoes, slippers, etc.

2, clothing: underwear, underwear, socks, etc.

Product assembly structure 

1. The difference between the package volume and the disassembly and packaging volume is small, which does not affect the packaging cost and transportation cost.

2, no need to install, open the package to use, saving time and installation costs.

Product Details 

Head card

1, the type of the first card

1) Acrylic head card: opaque milk whiteboard or opaque color board can be used. Light and environmentally friendly, our company uses.

2) Metalhead: It can be sprayed with iron or stainless steel.

3) PVC head card: white PVC board or colored PVC board can be used.

2, Logo process

1) Silkscreen: saves cost, but silkscreen can only print simple fonts and patterns, and the fonts and patterns are easy to fade after a long time.

2) UV printing: The logo has a three-dimensional and glossy surface, is more flexible, can print more complicated fonts and patterns and is not easy to fade.

3) The content of the screen can be freely chosen, and the flexibility is very strong, but it requires a hand to lie on the top card, so the cost is high.

3, fixed way:

1) Insert the first card directly into the stainless steel slot and lock it with the screw. Suitable for acrylic, metal and PVC top cards.

2) No need for a stainless steel tank, the first card is welded directly to the display rack, only suitable for metalhead cards.

Wave bracket

1, stainless steel flat tube

1) Original specification: 10 * 30 * 1 mm.

2) Other specifications: 10 * 20 mm, 20 * 40 mm or other specifications can be selected as needed.

2, bracket shape

1) Original shape: front wave type, back straight type.

2) Custom shape: It can be either wavy on the front and back or straight on the front and back. Other shapes can be customized as desired.

3. Connection with the base:

1) Insert the base and fix it by welding.

2) Insert the base and fix it with screws.


Hanging stick

1, tool-free installation hanging stick:

M4 screws with a length of 30mm are distributed on both sides of the wave bracket, and the screw length is recommended to be within 20mm - 40mm. The hanging rod has a threaded fitting, which can directly fix the hanging rod on the bracket without tools, and is convenient to disassemble.

2, hanging rod size

1) Regular size: diameter 10mm, length 150mm

2) Custom size: The recommended diameter is between 8mm - 15mm and the length is between 100mm - 300mm.

3, non-slip cap

Each port of the hanging rod is welded with a round cap 4 mm larger than the diameter of the hanging rod to prevent the product from slipping off the hanging rod. The diameter of the cap is recommended to be between 10mm and 20mm.

4, the number of layers

1) Original design 3 layers

2) The number of layers can be increased or decreased according to actual needs. For aesthetics, it is recommended to be no more than 6 layers and no less than 3 layers.


1, base size

1) Regular size: 270mm * 270mm * 50mm

2) Custom size: size can be customized according to needs. For stability and aesthetics, it is recommended that the side length be no less than 200mm and no more than 350mm.

2, the base shape

1) Regular shape: square

2) Custom shape: rectangular, triangular, elliptical or other shapes can be selected as needed.

3, panel

1) Acrylic panel: opaque color is recommended, black, white, blue or other colors are available.

2) Metal panel: stainless steel or iron powder can be used.

4, the bottom foot

1) Adjusting the foot: It can be used on the uneven ground, adjust the height of the foot according to the actual situation of the ground, and maintain the balance of the display stand. (with photos)

2) Ordinary feet: fixed distance from the ground, not adjustable. (with photos)

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