Beauty Salon Metal Cosmetic Display Stand

Customized Beauty Salon Metal Cosmetic Display Stand Product Details Double-sided Beauty Salon Metal Cosmetic Display Stand. Material: iron + LED. Size: 55 X 35 X 170 cm, or customized. Surface treatment: powder coated. Logo: silk printing or pasting paper. LED: good quality SMD LED, accord with...

Product Details


Beauty Salon Metal Cosmetic Display Stand

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Product Details

Product nameDouble-sided Beauty Salon Metal Cosmetic Display Stand.

1. Iron plate: 0.8mm-1.0mm thickness can be selected.

2. 25*25 square iron pipe: 0.8mm-1.5mm thickness can be selected.

3. Transparent acrylic: 1.0mm-3.0mm thickness can be selected.


Normal size: 450*200*1700mm, 500*250*1800mm, 550*300*1850mm.

Customizable size: height not exceeding 1900mm is recommended.

Surface treatment

Dusting: the conventional is white, other colors can be selected from the Pantone color card or RAL color card.

paste wood grain: dark wood grain or light wood grain, commonly used wood grain as shown.

LogoSilk printing or pasting paper.
LEDGood quality SMD LED, accord with Europe and USA power standard.
UsedCosmetic store, show room, trade show, shoppe, supermarket and so on.
Package1 set / carton, with cabinet keys.
Delivery timeSample is 15 – 18 days, bulk is 25 – 30 days.
Deal termFOB, EXW, CIF or CNF.
PaymentSample – 100% by T/T, bulk – 30% deposit and 70% balance.
MOQ100 piece

Product Feature


Top Header

1. Shape

Round corner rectangle, round corner square, oval, round or other shapes can be selected according to preferences.

2.Advertising: there are four ways to highlight brand information for the makeup display stand.

1) Silk printing: it can save cost and choose silk-screen printing. However, only simple fonts and patterns can be printed in the silk-screen printing, which are easy to fade after a long time.

2) UV printing: the logo has a three-dimensional effect, and you can choose UV printing.UV printing is more flexible, can print more complex fonts and patterns, and not easy to fade.

3) Mounting picture: picture Logo, you can choose mounting picture. The content of the picture can be freely selected, and the flexibility is very strong, but it needs to be mounted on the head card by hand, so the cost is high.

4) Replaceable advertising: commodity brand often changes, can paste a transparent PVC or transparent acrylic label cover, can be free to replace the advertising board.

3. Fixed mode

1) Hidden screw installation: save packaging volume.

2) Welding installation: save installation time.

image007.jpgClear Acrylic Boxes

 1. Application

 1) Same brand: 3 acrylic boxes can display   different series of products of the same   brand at the same time.

 2) Different brands: each acrylic box can also   display products of different brands.

 2. Thickness

 1) 1.0mm-2.0mm: low cost, strong light   penetration, but the three-dimensional sense   of the box is not strong enough.

2) 3.0mm: the cost is moderate, the light penetration is moderate, and the box has a strong three-dimensional sense.

3) Above 3.0mm: high cost, low light penetration, heavy box, not recommended.

3. Color

1) Transparent and colorless

2) Transparent color

3) Translucent color

4) Opaque color

4. Advantages of transparent acrylic

Using highly transparent acrylic sheets, with a comparable light transmittance with glass, light transmittance of more than 92%. But it's only half as dense as glass.It is not as fragile as glass and, if broken, does not form sharp shards like glass. The same thickness of acrylic sheet, transparency, the higher the cost will be correspondingly high.


LED Lights

1. Suitable type

1) Strip light: the strip light is soft and not harsh. If the commodity bottle can pervious to light, then you can use strip light upgrade illuminate. (We used.)

2) Spotlight: concentrated light with strong irradiation force. If the commodity bottle cannot pervious to light, then you can use it to shoot the light downward illuminate.

2. Light color

Can choose according to the shop decoration style.

1) Warm light.

2) White light.

3) Natural light.

3. Installation location: for the sake of aesthetics, it is suggested to be embedded into each layer shelf of the makeup display stand. Remove the acrylic boxes, then you can replace the LED lights.

1) Above goods: suitable for spotlight.

2) under the goods: it is suitable to illuminate with strip light.

4. Power

1) Wire plug type: durable, suitable for display rack with power outlets around, the position is not flexible enough.


1. Number of cabinet doors

1) Single door: suitable for single makeup display stand, saving cost.

2image011.jpg) Double doors: it is suitable for double-sided professional makeup display stand and more convenient for taking goods.

2. Cabinet door mode

1) Hinged door: the items in the cabinet are relatively expensive. For safety, it is recommended to use the hinged door with lock.

2) Magnetic door: the magnetic door is not suitable for locking, but it is easy to open and beautiful.

3. Lock types:  

Mailbox lock (We recommend to use this)Bounce lockHand-pulling lock



Non-slip feet

Adjustable non-slip foot: adjust the distance between the bottom of the product and the ground, suitable for the display rack containing electronic products.


Non-adjustable non-slip feet

The distance between the bottom of the product and the ground is fixed, which is suitable for the display rack without electronic products.



Brake caster: flat or sloping ground is applicable, can not only move at will, but also firmly fixed in the position.

What materials are needed for early stage of custom display stand?

1. Picture, size and weight of the branded product.

2. Target level and application scenario.

3. Free 3D rendering and display drawings.

4. The business team provides 24-hour service.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our Beauty Salon Metal Cosmetic Display Stand. Thank you!

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