Cosmetic Display Stand

It is a durable item used for cosmetic display stand. It can be set in different POS to get more attention. It's a combination of shelves and cabinet, practical and unique. Just contact with us!

Product Details


Product introduction

Cosmetic Display Stand

Texture: 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm thick iron plate.

Dimension: W63 * D40 * H180 cm.

Color: White, any color is available.

Surface Treatment: Powder coated.

Logo: Customized colorful logo.

Design : Free charge effect picture.

Service:  First class custom-made service.

Application: Show all kinds of cosmetics.

It is a durable item used for cosmetic display racks. It can be set in different POS to get more attention. It's a combination of shelves and cabinet, practical and unique. Just contact with us! 

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Product Details

Choose raw materials: 

Cold rolled steel, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel

Recommended material thickness:

0.8 - 1.0mm, you can vary

Display method: 

Our company uses advertising double-sided display, four-sided display of goods

Rectangular frame

1. Angle: The original design is a 90 degree right angle, and it can also be rounded according to the preference.

2, advertising slot: Our company uses 5mm depth, you can choose 3mm - 10mm according to actual needs.


1. Advertising materials:

1) PVC foam board (wood-plastic board): The thickness is recommended to be 2mm-8mm. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, light weight, no deformation, flame retardant and bright colors.

2) Cardboard: The thickness is recommended to be 3mm-10mm, without the advantages of PVC foam board, but the cost is low.

2, printing method:

1) Four-color printing: The lithographic method of full-color reproduction has no stereoscopic effect and low cost.

2) UV printing: high gloss, three-dimensional effect, scratch resistance, can print a variety of special touch and special graphics.


Concave shelf

User-friendly design: avoid sharp edges and scratch the hands, and the edges of each shelf are bent downwards to ensure safety. 

For aesthetics, the shelf height is recommended to be between 5mm - 10mm.

2, hidden screws: the shelf is a hidden design to ensure that the shelf is beautiful and stable.

Metal cabinet:QQ图片20190530112954

1. Number of cabinet doors: Double doors at the front and rear of the exhibition rack for easy access to goods.

It is recommended to choose a single door method to save costs.

Door Way

1) Hinged door: If the stored items are expensive, it is recommended to use a hinged door with a lock.

2) Magnetic door: If the stored items are not expensive, magnetic doors can be used, which are easy to open and beautiful, but can not be configured with locks.

3, applicable locks: letter box lock or bouncing lock, letter box lock is more commonly used in the display rack industry.

Support the bottom

1. Role: Support and stabilize the entire display rack.

2, height: Our company uses a bottom height of 100mm, which can be selected between 50mm - 120mm.


Mobile mode

1. Adjustable foot: It can be used on uneven ground to adjust the distance between the bottom of the product and the ground to ensure the balance of the display. (with photos)

2, Casters:

1) Brake pulley: Suitable for straight or inclined ground, it can move freely or firmly in position. (with photos)

2) Non-brake pulley: It is only suitable for flat ground. Although it can move freely, it cannot be fixed in position. (with photos)

3) It is best to choose 2 brakes and 2 brake pulleys.

Product disassembly structure

1. The product is partially narrow and the lower part is wide. 

The whole structure is not conducive to packaging and fixing. Moreover, the package volume is 1/2 larger than the size of the disassembly package.

2, disassembly structure, 1 person only 15-30 minutes to complete the installation.

What is the most popular display surface for customers in 2019?

1, hardware paste wood grain


2, hardware stone pattern 

images (1)

In order for the customer to successfully install and use the goods, we will again QC and check the accessories before the goods are placed in the carton.

  • Normal packaging: plastic bag + foam + KAA carton + paper bead.

Package Size 1175 * 375 * 225 mm.

Gross Weight 31.6 kg.

Sample Fee We will refund 1/3 fee at the bulk order.

Delivery Time Sample: 13 - 28 days. Batch: 23 - 28 day.


  • We focus on how to protect the goods, reduce the volume, and save transportation costs for our customers.

  • We will ship the goods through the dedicated line so that customers can spend less. For example, if the goods are to the United States, we will ship the goods through the US line.