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It is a two-sided and concise make up display and it can display various beauty products such as face cream, toner, essence, essential oil, etc. You can show different brand set on each tier.

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It is a two-sided and concise makeup display and it can display various beauty products such as face cream, toner, essence, essential oil, etc. You can show a different brand set on each tier.

 Item Name Makeup Display
 Services Professional custom services
 Application You can apply it to shop, shopping mall, retail shop, etc
 Texture 1.0mm  thick metal plate, metal wire, and square metal pipe
 Overall Size W56 x D30 x H170 cm
 Surface Treatment Powder coated
 Colour Normal is white color, other colors can be choose
 Logo Custom made AD board logo
 G. W. 15.6 kg.
 Package Size 177.5 x   63.5 x 15 cm
 Example Fee 1/3 fee will be returned at the bulk quantity.
 Lead Time Example: 10 - 15 days. Batch quantity: 20 - 25 days.


First, the material:

1. Iron plate thickness: 0.8mm or 1.0mm

2, iron thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm or 0.5mm

Second, the size:

1. Standard size: 560 x 300 x 1700 mm or 600 x 340 x 1800 mm

2, non-standard size: can be customized according to actual needs non-standard size.

Third, surface treatment:

1, dusting: regular white or black, can choose a color in Pantone or RAL, but the order quantity must reach 100 pieces.

2, spray paint: you can freely choose a solid color or gradient color, the cost is twice as high as powder spray.

Suitable for the industry: all kinds of bottled cosmetics, skin care products, perfume display, etc.

Fourth, the characteristics

1, durable.

2, two sides display.

3, elegant design.

4, a wide range of uses.

Fifth, the overall details of the product:

1, rectangular support frame

1) It is made of 60mm*30mm square tube by bending process, and 40mm*20mm, 50mm*30mm or 70mm*40mm square tube can also be used.

2) The four corners of the frame are rounded corners with a circular arc of 15 degrees. You can also use a 90 degree right angle as needed.

3) Use a round head socket head cap screw to lock to the base. You can also use a round head Phillips screw.


2, shelf

1) The design has 4 shelves and can be designed as 5 or 6 layers as needed. It is not recommended to exceed 6 layers, otherwise, it is not beautiful.

2) The standard spacing of each shelf is 300mm, which can be increased or decreased as required.

3) Each shelf is screwed to the square tube and the screw mounting uses a hidden design.

4) Look at the square tube to make regular screw holes. After removing the screws, the shelf can be adjusted freely. However, these screw holes cannot be hidden, and customers who care about it must carefully consider this solution.


3, guardrail

1) The guardrail is made of round branches and is surrounded by a rounded rectangle according to the shape of the shelf.

2) The role of the guardrail is not only to prevent the goods from falling to the ground but also to add an elegant atmosphere to the entire display stand.

3) The guardrail is also fixed to the square tube with screws, and the screws cannot be hidden. If you mind that the screw is seen, you can also directly weld the round branch to the square tube.

4, advertising

1) The advertisement is in the middle of the display stand, and it is close to the side pipe, and the two sides can also advertise at the same time.

2) The advertising board can be made of Andy board or cardboard, and the Andy board is more durable than cardboard.

3) Use double-sided tape or glue to paste the advertising board, and it is easy to replace the new advertising board. Why not use screws to fix? Because the screws cannot be hidden, it directly affects the beauty of the advertisement.

4) For high-end cosmetics, this advertisement can be made into an acrylic light box with a pattern or text. The power cord goes directly into the square tube and comes out from the bottom without affecting the appearance of the display stand.


5, the base

1) Role: Fix the square tube frame and stabilize the entire display stand.

2) Size: 600mm * 300mm, the size can be modified as needed.

3) Foot: We use adjustable feet that can be used on uneven ground. 

For the convenience of movement, the brake casters can also be used instead. (with photos)


product disassembly structure

  1. The square tube is packaged separately, and the layer frame and the base are packaged for convenient handling, saving packaging volume and transportation costs at home and abroad.

2. Only need to install 28 screws in the corresponding hole position, one person can complete the installation in 15 minutes.

Display, Makeup Display







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