Pain Point

Problem you might worried

01 Are we a manufactureAr or trading company?

Welcome to look over our enterprise video.

Product structure drawing responded quickly with high-end insights.

02 Will the quality of batch not match for the quality of sample?

The first sample of batch will be amended the imperfections of the old sample. The first sample of batch will be finished within 2 – 3 days.

The size, structure, installation and other details of the first sample will be checked via video or photos.

The first sample is the acceptance criteria of management department, batch is much more beautiful than the sample.

03 The order amount is large, will the manufacture disappear after receiving the deposit?

Please check on company established year, development history, machine equipment and so on.

Please check on company updating information.

04 The price is the cheapest, does the enterprise lie?

The sample must be produced to confirm the price. If the sample price is higher than the quotation, we will recommend suitable materials or processes to the customer.

Proforma invoice summary will remark the thickness of material, technology, finish and package.

05  The deposit amount is not big , don’t want the third party examine goods?

Place you order on Alibaba Trade Assurance Order .

Check the first batch’s size , structure and installation result via videos.
Report the progress of order production.
Business personnel will sampling check on every rate of progress.
Installation and packaging tests.

06 The order amount is not large, do not want to ask the third party to check the goods?

Place order on Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Check the size, structure and installation effect of the batch first sample via videos or photos.

Report the progress of production.

Salesmen must sample the products on every progress.

Installation and packaging tests.

07 What about manufacture’s delivery time?

If sample has problems, customer must respond clearly in one-time.

The size, structure and installation effect of the batch first sample should be confirmed via videos or photos.

Management department makes order expectation, follow-up and reports production rate of progress, deal with important and emergency things every day.

When order has problems, we will make three solutions in time and test at the same time.

If the delivery time delays 5 - 8 days, we will give customer 3% discount.

If the delivery time delays 10 - 15 days, we will give customer 5% discount or spare the FOB cost.

08 How about the production ability of the factory?

The expected production cycle of the product partition pieces are very important and the rational arrangement of production is the key.

Use up the machine to adjust the operation of professionals.

If the technology has problems during the production, we will stop producing one hour. The management department will discuss and decide three solutions to test in one hour. We will keep producing not exceeding two hours.


About OEM service

l Customize by picture

After receiving your blueprint,YISHANG technical team will analysis your blueprint and provide professional revise suggestion in 2 hours for you to consider.After all details are assured,we will provide the quote in one day.

Customize by sample

If you don’t have blueprint,please send your sample to YISHANG. We can provide you the most professional suggestions that help you lowing the producing cost according to your sample ,also we can provide free 3D blueprint.

Why should we sigh the secrecy agreement?

To make sure customer’s product won’t leak to third party,we will sign customized secrecy agreement with every customer before producing.




About ODM service:

Does your company have no design team? Don't want to hire a design company? YISHANG can help you! Saving more than 30% of design costs and long-term communication costs!


You only need to provide these information:

ü Product information to be displayed

ü Target budget

ü Preliminary requirements (Metal, acrylic or wood? Floor standing, table counter standing or wall mounted? Rotating or not? Assemble or disassemble?)


Then YISHANG will provide a preliminary draft design for your reference within 5 working hours.

Quality Control

Material Selection


Both Sample, Batch Sample and Batch Need to Test


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