Headset Store Display Stand

This is a three sides headset store display stand which made of iron and acrylic, can be lighted to attract more attentions. It’s suitable to display earphone, charging cable and other digital product. Headset Store Display Stand, Headset Store Display Stand

Product Details


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This is a three sides headset store display stand which made of iron and acrylic, can be lighted to attract more attention. It’s suitable to display earphones, charging cable and other digital products.

Product NameHeadset Store Display Stand
Material1.0 & 1.5 thick steel, clear acrylic and   LED lighting.
UsageDigital shops, supermarkets, trade shows, etc.
SizeW1200 * D433 * H500 mm.
ColorBalck, other colors in   Pantone are available.
LogoCustom your brand logo.
Gross Weight21.30 kg.
Surface TreatmentSteel is powder-coated.
Sample Charge1/3 will be refunded in the bulk order.
Delivery TimeSample: 15 - 20 days. Bulk: 25 -   30 days.
Design Free 3D design.
ServicesProfessional pre-sale, on-purchase and   after-sale services.

Product details


U-shaped acrylic

1 U-shaped acrylic display 1 earphone, the purpose is to facilitate customers to listen to headphones

1. Quantity: One or two U-shaped acrylics can be selected according to actual needs.

2. Thickness: 3.0 mm - 5.0 mm is available. Not recommended below 3.0 mm.

3, color: conventionally transparent, you can also choose other colors according to brand characteristics, it is recommended to use transparent colorless or transparent colored.

3. Shape: U-shaped is better for the stability of the earphone, and other shapes such as a circle and a trapezoid can be selected according to the characteristics of the earphone.

Head card

The top design is U-shaped acrylic, and can also be changed to the top card according to your preference. The top material can be made of acrylic or cold-rolled sheet material, fixed or movable.

1, fixed way:

1) Cold-rolled sheet - welded and fixed

2) Acrylic - Bonded and fixed

2. Activity mode:

1) Cold-rolled plate - screw fixing

2) Acrylic - Screw fixing

The advertising content on the top card has the following four processes:

1, silk screen: cost savings, you can choose silkscreen, but silkscreen can only print simple fonts and patterns, long time fonts and patterns are easy to fade;

2, UV printing: the logo has a three-dimensional sense, you can choose UV printing. UV printing is more flexible, can print more complex fonts and patterns, and is not easy to fade.

3, painting: picture Logo, you can choose to draw. The content of the screen can be freely chosen, and the flexibility is very strong, but it requires a hand to be placed on the top card, so the cost is high.

4, replaceable advertising: commodity brands often change, you can paste a transparent PVC or transparent acrylic label on the card, you can freely replace the advertising cardboard.

Acrylic cover

The acrylic cover is located under the U-shaped acrylic, which serves to seal the top and support the U-shaped acrylic or head card.

1. Shape: Our company adopts diamond design and matches with the bottom. Other shapes such as a circle, a square, or the like can also be selected.

2. Thickness: Our company adopts a moderate 8.0 mm and can choose from 5.0 mm - 10.0 mm.

3, color: can choose a transparent colorless or transparent color according to brand characteristics, it is not recommended to use opaque material is not high-grade.

Middle part


1. Triangle structure: 3 sides display

2, square structure: 4 sides display

LED light

1. Applicable types: LED light strips, strong adjustability, uniform distribution, and low cost. Other types of LED lights are not recommended.

2, lighting: you can choose white light, warm light, natural light.

3. Installation location:

1) On the acrylic strip inside the triangular structure, the light is strong.

2) The center position inside the triangular structure, the light is weak.

4, power supply:

1) Wire plug type: Durable, suitable for power sockets around the display stand, and the position movement is not flexible enough. (with photos)

2) Battery type: not enough wire plug type and durable, suitable for the display stand without power socket, beautiful and flexible to move position. (with photos)

Acrylic strip

1, thickness:

1) Recommended at 1.0 mm or 2.0 mm

2) Greater than 3.0 mm will hinder light penetration.

2, color:

1) Translucent color: Our company uses translucent blue acrylic, customers can choose the appropriate acrylic color according to the color of the headphones.

2) Transparent colored or colorless: from the outside, you can see the inside of the product, unsightly. Moreover, light penetration is strong, which makes the eyes uncomfortable and is not recommended.

3) opaque and colored: the light penetration rate is very low, not beautiful, not recommended.

Hook up

1. Applicable categories

1) Single-layer hook: black protective rubber cap on the front end

2) Double-layer hook: The upper layer contains PVC label plates, which can freely replace the advertising paper in the label card. The lower layer is hung with headphones, and the front end also has a black protective rubber cap.

2, size

1) Regular size: 150 * 5.0 mm, 200 * 5.0 mm, 250 * 8.0 mm

2) Custom size: It is recommended not to exceed 250 mm, otherwise it is not beautiful.

3, the number

1) Regular quantity: 3 hooks per side

2) Customized quantity: no more than 5 hooks per side

4, the installation location

1) Fixed position: only 6 fixed hook holes on each side

2) Activity position: each side is made into a hole plate form, and the hook position can be moved at will.


1. Shape: Our company adopts the three-dimensional rule hexagon, and can also choose round, square, etc. according to customer preferences.

2, cold-rolled plate thickness: conventionally used 1.0 mm - 2.0 mm thick, not recommended below 1.0 mm, otherwise unstable.

Headset Store Display Stand, Headset Store Display Stand