LED Headphone Display

This impressive desktop L-shaped LED headphone display stand shows your favorite headphones. It applies to all brands of headphones, drones and other digital displays. The entire display stand can accommodate 2 headphones.

Product Details


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LED Headphone Display, LED Headphone Display

Product information

The main material:

1. Iron plate: the optional thickness of  1.0mm.

2. Acrylic: Optional 15mm thickness.

3, PETG: optional  1.5mm thickness.

The size:

The standard size is W1200 X D285 X H305 mm, which can display 4 headphone display racks.

Iron plate surface treatment:

1, dusting: regular white and black, other colors can be selected from the RAL color card.

2, spray paint: color can be freely selected, you can also choose gradient color or mixed color.

Suitable for the industry: headsets, etc.


 The overall details:

Top banner

1. Cover: PETG or PET materials can be used as the cover of the advertising column, and the cost difference is not large.

2, advertising decorative nails: it is recommended to use a 15mm diameter nail cap, each PETG billboard is fixed by 4 stainless steel advertising decorative nails, can also be used 2 (diagonal).

3, built-in billboard: From the perspective of durability, you can use four-color printing PVC foam board.


Acrylic earphone bracket

1. Bracket size: length 65mm, thickness 15mm, height 205mm.

2) It can be customized according to actual needs, and the height of the bracket is recommended not to exceed 250mm.

2. The number of brackets: There are 2 brackets on the left and right ends of the display rack, for a total of 4 brackets.

3, bracket color:

1) It is transparent and colorless and can be transparent, colored, translucent or colorless, opaque and colored according to brand characteristics.

4, bracket groove:

1) The top of the bracket is a groove with a depth of 5mm, which is convenient for stabilizing the earphone.

2) The groove depth can be selected from 5mm - 10mm depending on the size of the earphone.

Ad column

1. Advertising support board: In combination with the height and visual angle of ordinary people, the inclination angle of the support plate is recommended to be between 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

2, advertising methods:

1) Paste the plastic sleeve onto the support plate. The plastic sleeve can be inserted into the four-color printed paper or the Andy plate for easy replacement.

2) Paste the paper or Andy plate onto the support plate and remove it after peeling off.

3) Silkscreen printed on the support plate, the logo pattern is simple and cannot be replaced.

4) UV printing onto the support plate, the logo pattern is bright and has a three-dimensional sense and cannot be replaced.


Stainless steel button

The button shape is a round button, you can choose a square or oval shape.

Button position: The button area is placed in the middle of the display frame so that customers can listen to the headphones.

The number of buttons: 8 function buttons, volume plus/minus buttons, song switching buttons. The left 4 buttons to control the left earphone and the right 4 buttons control the right earphone.


1, backplane

1) The display stand is close to the wall or the table wall so that the back structure is not required to block the internal structure.

2) The display stand is not close to the wall or the table wall. For aesthetics, the back plate is required to block the internal structure.

2, wall-mounted accessories: After adding wall-mounted accessories at the back, the display stand can not only be displayed on the desktop but also can be displayed on the wall.



1, the bottom plate

1) The display stand does not use the adjustment foot, and the bottom plate does not need to block the internal structure.

2) When the display stand uses the adjustment foot, the bottom plate needs to be added to install the adjustment foot and block the internal structure.

2. Outlet hole: The size and position of the outlet hole can be customized according to customer needs.

Product packaging structure:

The iron plate is integrally formed and cannot be disassembled. Only acrylic earphone holders and PETG billboards are detachable, with little impact on packaging costs and shipping costs.


1. Plastic bag: Use 0.05mm thick open plastic bag to facilitate the placement of medium display stand.

2. Foam: A polyolefin foam having a density of 8 kg/m 3 and a thickness of 40 mm was used.

3, outer packaging carton: C-type 5-layer corrugated carton packaging.

4, paper corner: use the size of 50 * 50 * 3 (mm) L-shaped paper corner.

Specifications can also be customized according to actual needs.