LED Headset Stand

The LED headset stand is storngly charming when opens the led lights, it can catch the eyes easily. You can display it in the point of sale!

Product Details


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The LED headset stand is strongly charming when opens the led lights, it can catch the eyes easily. You can display it at the point of sale!

LED Headset Stand, LED Headset Stand

Acrylic support frame

One earphone uses an acrylic support stand.

Acrylic support stand shows 1 earphone.

Thickness: It is recommended that the acrylic sheet be 3.0-4.0mm thick.

Color: It is recommended to use a transparent acrylic sheet to highlight the product.

Shape: You can customize the shape according to the headphones you display.


The LOGO can be added to the top. The material can be made of acrylic or cold-rolled steel. It can be fixed or movable.

Fixed logo

Cold rolled steel plate - welded fixed

Acrylic sheet - adhesively fixed

2. Active logo

Cold rolled steel plate - screw fixing

Acrylic sheet - screw fixing

Logo content:

1, silkscreen: can only do monochrome and simple patterns and fonts, easy to paint, bleach.

2, UV printing: Logo has a three-dimensional sense, can print complex fonts and patterns, not easy to fade.

3, Mount painting: flexible, can slap text and pictures, artificial painting, high cost.

4. Replaceable advertising column: suitable for products with diverse products and frequent replacement prices. It is recommended to use a transparent PVC or transparent acrylic label to change the marketing language at any time.


Made of 8.0mm transparent diamond-shaped acrylic sheet for sealing the top of the display.

Available in clear, colorless and transparent, the top plates of different shapes can be customized as needed.


Choose from three-sided and four-sided displays.

LED lights: Display products are recommended to use LED light strips for assembly, strong adjustment performance, uniform lighting and low cost, suitable for all people.

The light can be selected from white, warm and natural light.

Power and power outlets:

The non-standard custom power sockets provided by the company meet the requirements of various countries: American standard, European standard, British standard, Australian standard and so on.

Sellers are advised to tell the salesperson what type of power outlet label you need when ordering the product. Our sales staff will buy the right power outlet for you.

1) Wire plug type: Durable, suitable for power sockets around the display stand, and the position movement is not flexible enough. (with photos)

2) Battery type: not enough wire plug type and durable, suitable for the display stand without power socket, beautiful and flexible to move position. (with photos)

Acrylic slats

A 1.0-2.0mm translucent acrylic strip is recommended.

Color: translucent, transparent, opaque and three materials.

Metal hook

3) You can choose single-layer hook or double-layer hook according to your needs, so the headphone display rack uses 3 hooks on each side.

Regular size: 150 * 5.0mm, 200 * 5.0mm, 250 * 8.0 mm

Single-layer metal hook: black protective rubber cap at the front end

Double metal hook: The upper layer contains PVC label plates, which can freely replace the advertising paper in the label card. The lower layer is hung with headphones and the front end also has a black protective rubber cap.