Metal Rotating Eyewear Display

Description: OEM & ODM Metal Rotating Eyeglass Display Rack Material: SPCC + mirror. Size: 400*400*1845 mm, can customize for you. Finish: common is powder coated. Style: concise and elegant. Type: floor standing. Function: with brake wheels and 360 degree rotating. Display all kinds of...

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This metal rotating eyewear display, we supply each eyewear display with four mirrors, on the top of each side for customers to view how they look with the glasses. For a greater impact, place this eyewear display near check-out areas to increase impulse buys. It can often be found in optical stores, gift shops and retail stores.

OEM & ODM Metal Rotating Eyeglass Display Rack

What is the production capacity of YISHANG?

1) The expected production cycle of the product split is very important, and the rational arrangement of production is the key.

2) Use up the machine and adjust the operation of the professional.

3) The problem of the process in production, suspended for 1 hour, the management decided to test the three programs within 1 hour, and continue production within 2 hours.

The overall details of the product:


Cold-rolled plate + mirror+hook.

Cold-rolled plate: 0.8mm

Iron round support (hook): 3mm thick hook


1, standard size:

Upper part cuboid: 240*240*180mm for displaying products.

Lower part square bottom: 400*400*25mm for supporting the upper part.

2, custom size: can be customized according to the size of the product, the recommended height is not 1900m.

 Surface treatment 

1, regular color: white, black, gray dusting

2, custom color: spray color can be selected from RAL color card, the high-end display stand can also choose to spray paint gradient color.

Style: concise and elegant.

Type: floor standing.

Function: with brake wheels and 360 degree rotating. Display all kinds of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Delivery time: mass is 25 – 30 days, sample is 13 – 15 days.

Product name: Metal Rotating Eyeglass Display Rack

Suitable for the industry: glasses, jewelry, keychains, socks, etc. bags or hanging goods

 Top logo 

Logo mode: double-sided or four-sided display brand.

1) Sticker: Four-color printing stickers, can be replaced with new stickers regularly after tearing off.

2) Side plug-in logo: Transparent PETG material sleeve, insert paper, cardboard or Andy board logo, free to replace.

3) Silk screen: The content cannot be flexibly selected and cannot be replaced.

4) UV printing: The content selection is flexible, and there is a glossy three-dimensional feeling, but it cannot be replaced.

360 degree rotating design, it is perfect to display all eyeglasses and sunglasses.


 Acrylic lens 

Such products are used in optical shops, accessories stores, and women's products stores. It is recommended to add acrylic lenses, which is easy for customers to look after.

1. Lens thickness: 2mm, 3mm or 4mm is recommended.

2, fastening method:

1) It is recommended to use the universal adhesive to paste, at least for 3 years without falling off.

2) For convenience, it can also be directly pasted with double-sided tape, which can be used for about 1 year.

3. Features:

1) Environmentally-friendly acrylic material, lightweight, even if it falls, it will not hurt people, and will not break.

2) 30-degree tilt angle so that people of different heights can look at the mirror to see the effect.

3) Four sides are both with a mirror, easy to see whether the eyeglass is suitable.

 Acrylic lens 


 Hole board 

1, hole size: Our company uses a 6mm diameter hole, can choose between 5mm - 8mm, with the corresponding size of the hook.

2. Hole distribution:

1) Horizontal distribution: Only one hook can be used for each line in the upper part. The area that is vacant on the right-hand side is used to print or paste brand advertisements. If no advertisement is required, two hooks can be used instead. In the lower half, there are 8 round holes with a pitch of 19 mm in each row, and 4 hooks can be used. At the same time, the hook holes of the entire display frame can be the same as the design of the lower half, so that the positions of all the hooks can be adjusted at will.

2) Vertical hole distribution: The height spacing of each row of holes is 105mm, and the number of rows of holes can be reduced or increased according to the actual needs of the customer.

 Hook up 

1. Applicable categories

1) One layer of stencil hook: only goods can be hanged, it is difficult to indicate the product information. (with photos)

2) Double-layer stencil hook: the upper label shows the product information, and the lower layer hangs the product. (with photos)

2, specifications

1) Round support thickness: conventional 3.5mm - 6mm, our company uses 4mm.

2) Hook length: regular 100mm - 350mm, our company uses 180mm, can be customized according to needs.

3. Quantity: 16 hooks are standard on each side, and 64 hooks are on all sides. The required quantity can be configured according to the actual size of the product.

4. Advantages: The front end of the hook is folded upwards to prevent the customer from falling from the hook when selecting the product.

 Rotary bearing 

The rotary bearing is a pressure rolling bearing directly above the square bottom.

Features: No sound during the rotation and the rotation is smooth. Rolling bearings are easy to use and maintain and work reliably.

Tool free installation, just insert the frame into the stand column is ok.



1. Shape: Available in square, rectangular, round or oval bottom.

2, size: 400 * 400 * 25mm, can be customized according to needs.


With brake wheels design, freely moved and just place it anywhere you like.

Locking Casters1. Ordinary casters: can only be used on flat ground, and it is easy to slide when the product rotates.


2, the brake can be used: can be used for the inclined ground, the product will not slide when rotating, it is recommended. (with photos)

3, adjustable casters: adjust the distance between the display rack and the ground, can be used for uneven ground, to maintain the balance of the display.

Adjustable foot


Our company usually ships in EXW, FOB, and CIF.

Express company: UPS, Federal, DHL, TNT.

Delivery method: By sea, by air.

The goods below 100Kg are recommended to be delivered by express delivery, and the cost is relatively favorable. We will select a special line service based on the country where the customer is located.

Large cargo below 100kg can be shipped by sea or by air. The aging time is about 20-25 working days, the customer needs to pick up the goods at the local port and pay the corresponding destination port fee.

The cost is relatively high.



1, packaging method:

The display racks are individually packaged and the hooks are individually packaged. It is not recommended to hang the hook on the display rack when packaging, otherwise the packaging will not only increase, but also make the display rack unstable in the package.

2, packaging materials:

1) Plastic bag: The display frame is usually made of 0.03mm PO or PE plastic bag.

This product is a large display rack. It is recommended to use ordinary open plastic bags. Small display stands or display stand accessories are recommended to use sealed bags.

2) Foam: The display rack is conventionally used with 7kg/m3 polyurethane foam or phenolic foam. This product is recommended to use foam with a thickness of 20mm.

3) Carton: The exported products are usually made of 5-layer corrugated boxes. Large, very heavy products are recommended to use 7 layers.

4) Paper corner: Our company routinely uses 50*50*5mm L-shaped paper corners, and U-shaped paper corners can also be selected according to the actual packaging conditions of the products.