Home Decor Furniture

Home Decor Furniture

This 5-layer shelf can be applied at cafe, boutique, home and other places just you like. It can display products, store books, hold plants, etc. It is popular because of it's strong practicability.

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This 5-layer shelf can be applied at the cafe, boutique, home, and other places just you like. 

 It can display products, store books, hold plants, etc. It is popular because of its strong practicability.

Name No. 1700025

Wood: teak, pine, MDF, MDF + wood grain, MDF + stone grain and so on.

Metal material: stainless steel tube (201/304/316


Stainless steel (201/304/316): 0.7mm - 1.0mm

Regular size: 25*25, 30*30, 40*40 square iron pipe

(Customized products can be made according to the needs of different sizes and thicknesses.)

MOQ100 set
ColorBlack, white.

Solid wood: Conventional use of spray paint - varnish, high gloss paint, plain paint, matt paint, and wood wax oil.

Stainless steel: brushed, mirrored, and steel, etc.

Example cost1/3 will be refunded in the batch order.
Time of shipmentSample: 12 - 16 days. Batch: 22 - 30 days.

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Metal square frame 

Our company uses a laser pipe cutting machine to cut square stainless steel pipes, and then welds four diagonal square pipes into a square frame by argon arc welding.

Box surface treatment: the regular color black, you can choose your favorite color in the international RAL color card.

Wood laminate 

The conventional use of pine.

The pinewood is soft and tight, and it is not easy to crack and damage. It is one of the preferred woods for furniture and home décor.

This bookcase uses 12mm thick pine wood as a laminate that is strong and hard to crack.

Product installation 

Black metal box drilling: We drilled the M5 counterbore inside the box.

Screw mounting: Black metal boxes and laminates are secured to each deck with Phillips screws.

Concealed installation: The screws are flush with the metal frame surface, and the concealed easy installation is stylish and beautiful.