2 Common Glasses Display Rack Types

- May 30, 2018-

The classification of glasses display racks is also divided into table top models, floor models, wall models, etc., and the common style we are talking about today is another category. According to the special display form of the glasses display stand, a classification is made. There are folding display and hanging display.


The form of the folding display is very simple. You can guess that it is folding the glasses on the display stand. This is the usual display method in the eyewear store. This is very convenient for customers to try on, and the glasses are also a protection method when folded. The temples are not easily damaged. The hanging display rack has an advantage over the folding display glasses rack, that is, the display is more orderly, the glasses holder on the display rack fixes the position of the glasses, in other words, the position of the glasses on a display rack is Fixed, displayable quantities are also fixed, and for businesses that want to be peace of mind, these sorts of racks are very easy to do inventory counting at the end of the month.

Folding Display.jpg

Hanging Display.jpg