Acrylic processing technology and material identification method

- Sep 06, 2017-

Acrylic Processing Technology
Acrylic can be used casting, injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other processes.
Casting Molding: Casting Molding for the formation of plexiglass plate, bar and other profiles, that is, using the bulk polymerization molding profiles.
Injection Molding: The injection molding is made of granular material by suspension polymerization, which is formed on the ordinary plunger type or screw-type injection moulding machine.
Extrusion Molding: Plexiglass acrylic can also be used extrusion molding, using suspension polymerization of the production of granular materials to prepare plexiglass plates, rods, tubes, sheets and so on.
Thermoforming: Thermoforming is the process of making plexiglass plates or sheets of various sizes and shapes, the cut into the required size of the blank clamping on the mold frame, heating to soften it, and then pressure to make it to the mold surface, get the same shape as the surface, after the cooling after finishing the edge of the product.

8 ways to identify plexiglass acrylic material, so inferior acrylic no hiding place
1. Heating method: First measured the distance and width of two kinds of materials, respectively put into the microwave oven, heating to 140 °, and then take out the bending force, unsaturated resin bending amplitude of not more than 90 degrees, and acrylic solid surface material can be arbitrarily curved.
2. Look at the debris, processing high-purity acrylic plate will appear to be snowflakes-like debris, and resin plate is a smelly powdery object;
3. Solvent method: It is recommended to put two kinds of material into two cups of acetone, about 24 hours later, the unsaturated resin surface will occur swelling phenomenon, and acrylic solid surface material swelling at the same time can be observed in the soaking site is more loose.
4. Fire machine Combustion Method: It is recommended to use fire machine combustion method, the general situation of unsaturated resin surface material with a fire machine ignited a large number of black smoke, burning speed will be very slow, but after the fire, the burning part of the black accumulation of more, with the hand to erase the accumulation, black imprinted obvious. However, acrylic resignation burning will emerge yellow, burning speed will be very fast, after the sediment is very small.
5. Hot oil method: The oil should be heated to 200 °, after pouring into the metal container, and then immediately placed on the surface of the two surfaces, until the water cooling will find: unsaturated resin surface has concave marks and acrylic solid surface material surface is not, this is mainly determined by the material heat change.
6, the writing method: Because the resin board contains stone powder, on the ground, like chalk, the word to draw, and when the row has a stink, high purity acrylic both the word and no stink;
7. Drop soy sauce: The high purity acrylic and resin board surface dripping soy sauce, resin board will appear infiltration, and high-purity acrylic plate will not;
8. Hot water: Resin plate is hot place will be white, and high purity acrylic board does not change.