Acrylic sheet features

- Dec 24, 2018-

Acrylic Sheet Features

Acrylic sheet is a kind of organic glass. Polymethyl methacrylate is its chemical name and is a replacement for plexiglass.


When we use acrylic light boxes, home decorations, display stands, it has the characteristics of good light transmission, pure color, rich colors, beautiful and flat, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long service life and no influence on use.


Feature details:

weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, adaptability to the natural environment, even if exposed to sunlight for a long time, wind and rain will not change its performance, resulting in yellowing and hydrolysis, good anti-aging performance It can be used safely outdoors.


Long life, longer than other materials, long life of more than three years.


Excellent insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment.


Light weight, half lighter than ordinary glass, and the load on buildings and supports is small.


Colorful, high brightness, pure color is not comparable to other materials.


Easy maintenance and strong plasticity.

Acrylic sheet maintenance is very convenient, very easy to clean, generally cleaned with water or soap and soft cloth,

and the acrylic sheet is plastic and easy to process.


The high recoverability rate is recognized by the growing awareness of environmental protection.


Easy to maintain, easy to clean, rain can be cleaned naturally, or scrub with soap and soft cloth.


The hardness is good.

The main advantage of the acrylic panel is its high hardness. Its hardness is one of the indicators to measure the quality of the board.

Good acrylic panel hardness index can reach about 89 degrees, and the acrylic sheet is particularly adaptable, can be used for a long time in the sun and rain environment, and has good anti-aging performance.


Non-toxic, easy to clean.

Non-toxic Even if it is in contact with people for a long time, it is harmless and easy to clean.

It is recommended to avoid burning acrylic, and formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, etc. will be produced when the acrylic combustion is incomplete.


u Resist UV rays.


           u Widely used.