How to make safe production of ordinary punch

- Nov 30, 2018-

How to make safe production of ordinary punch

Because the press has the characteristics of high speed and high pressure, it is necessary to follow the certain safety regulations for punching and forming.

1. For transmission components that are exposed to the outside of the press, a protective cover must be installed, and it is prohibited to drive or test the vehicle with the protective cover removed.

2. Before driving, check whether the main fastening screws are loose, whether the mold is cracked, whether the operating mechanism, automatic stop device, clutch and brake are normal, and whether the lubrication system is blocked or lack of oil. If necessary, you can drive an empty car for testing.

3. The mold must be opened to the bottom dead center, the closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load; the mold must be fastened and tested, and subjected to pressure test.

4. Attention should be concentrated in the work, and it is strictly forbidden to put objects such as hands and tools into the danger zone. Small pieces must be handled with special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanisms). When the mold is stuck in the blank, only the tool is used to release it.

5. It is found that the press is running abnormally or abnormally sounds (such as continuous sound and popping sound) should stop feeding immediately and check the cause. If the rotating parts are loose, the operating device is out of order, the mold is loose and defective, stop repairing.

6. Every time you finish a workpiece, the hand or foot must leave the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.

7. When two or more people operate, they should be sure to drive, pay attention to coordination and coordination.

The mold should be dropped before work, disconnected from the power supply, and the necessary cleaning.