How to weld stainless steel square tube without deformation.

- Jul 24, 2019-

How to weld stainless steel square tube without deformation

The usual square tube welding deformation is corrected by a fire attack, and it is fired. However, if it gets too big, the effect is not very good.

In order to control the welding deformation, in addition to the reasonable welding sequence and welding process, it is also possible to carry out the small anti-deformation treatment in advance, and the effect is better.

1 Use angle steel and square tube to weld rice bran inside the box. In short, it can be fixed. After welding, it is cut with gas cutting;

2 Eliminate the welding stress by changing the welding sequence and method;

1. Welding power source: A more concentrated heat source can be used so that the relative heat input is reduced. For example, the fusion electrode is better than the manual arc welding, the hot wire TIG welding is superior to the conventional fusion electrode welding, and the laser, plasma, and electron beam welding are all It is a welding method that uses a concentrated heat source to achieve small deformation.

2. Welding sequence: welding deformation can be reduced by using a suitable welding sequence, such as symmetrical welding.

3. Welding anti-deformation: It is expected that the deformation will occur after welding before welding, and the remaining amount in the opposite direction will be deformed before welding to weaken the welding deformation.

4. Strong restraint during welding.

5. The welding process can be controlled by a welding hammer or the tensile stress of the sheet can effectively control the welding deformation.

6. Stress annealing can be used after welding to eliminate or reduce welding deformation (generally welding deformation cannot be completely eliminated, but relatively speaking).

7. Of course, it has a direct relationship with the welding material. The larger the coefficient of linear expansion, the more likely the deformation is more likely to occur during welding. Therefore, it is also possible to select a suitable welding material according to the requirements and change the structure of the welded joint to change the welding deformation.