Metal Display Rack’s Maintenance Method

- May 23, 2018-

The more and more application scenarios of the display racks have led to serious loss of the display racks. How should the display racks be maintained in daily life?

Different display racks have different maintenance methods, such as: metal display racks have texture, but it is easy to rust; wooden display racks are elegant and elegant, maintenance is to pay attention to insects; paper display racks are cheap, need moisture; acrylic display racks fashion However, it is easy to be scratched. Let's talk about how to maintain the metal display stand today.


  1. Rust

Metal display racks are prone to rusting. Do not place them in damp places. If you accidentally wet the display stand, use a dry sponge to remove moisture. If the display stand is rusted, do not use sandpaper to make it easier to damage the display stand. It can be applied to the rust with a cotton yarn, wait for a while, and wipe with a cotton cloth.


  2. Deformation

Metal display stands are usually very heavy. Avoid bumping when moving. Place the floor of the display stand flat. If it is shaken for a long time, the metal display stand will deform and affect the service life.


 3. Acid and Alkali

 Acid and alkali are the most harmful to the metal display, such as sulfuric acid, edible vinegar, soapy water, soda, etc. If you accidentally drop it on the metal display stand, wipe it dry with a cotton cloth.

Well, we talked about the maintenance of metal display racks. Yishang Company hope to help everyone.