PMMA Is a Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly Material

- May 23, 2018-

PMMA is an organic glass, but it is also a plastic. Many customers wonder before choosing materials. How good are plastics? PMMA is currently known as the best translucent artificial plexiglass, known as "plastic crystal". However, many customers with strong environmental awareness will have another concern: Can PMMA be recycled? The damage to the environment is not big? Below, Yishang Company will answer this puzzle for you.


After PMMA is recycled, it can be degraded into monomers at high temperatures and then re-formed. Acrylic's recycling technology is now relatively mature. There are already special acrylic recycling factories on the market. In addition to the need for recycling due to a long service life, some acrylic waste will also appear during processing. These can be reprocessed. The use of recycled acrylic as a raw material for the production of acrylic sheet is not high purity, its quality, performance is worse. Suitable for use as a base for acrylic display racks, poster backs, and the like. After the posters are painted, they completely cover the exterior of the recycling panels that are not too brilliant. At the same time, this can also save some of the cost of display racks and save money on right places.  

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