Sheet metal processing can reduce resonance problems do cabinet

- Jun 08, 2019-

Sheet metal processing can reduce resonance problems do cabinet

With the continuous development of life, the demand for sheet metal processing is increasing, and the industry does not have a complete and accurate definition of sheet metal processing.


The three most important steps in sheet metal processing are shearing, punching/cutting, folding, and its definition can be understood as follows:


Sheet metal processing is actually processing of sheet metal. Some metal sheets are plastically deformed by hand or die-stamping to make various models that we hope to achieve, such as electronic product casing, communication equipment casing, electric cabinet casing, etc. ;


Sheet metal processing in foreign countries is defined as such, for a metal sheet (usually below 6mm) a comprehensive cold processing process, including shearing, punching/cutting/ compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as car body) Wait. Its remarkable feature is the same thickness of the same part. Sheet metal processing is the earliest practical laser technology in laser material processing technology. Laser drilling in sheet metal workshops generally uses pulsed lasers with high energy density and short time. It can process small holes of 1μm. It is especially suitable for processing small holes with a certain angle and thin material. It is also suitable for processing hardness. Deep holes and tiny holes in parts of higher or brittle softer materials.


The sheet metal equipment of the sheet metal cabinet is ergonomic.


By strengthening the design of the cabinet, selecting a reasonable vibration isolation system, and then verifying the test, the sheet metal chassis can meet the requirements of the airborne environment. Sheet metal chassis with the research and application of the new sheet metal processing vibration isolation technology, as well as the continuous improvement of the dynamic testing technology and the improvement of the vibration analysis level, the vibration isolation design method will be more abundant and perfect. In order to allow the sheet metal cabinet to be fully equipped for internal observation, the use of all-glass decoration facilitates the operation of the equipment.


The design of the textured appearance and the presence of the curved handle, together with the lacquered cabinet, use the ral7032 soft and generous color to enhance the so-called temperament of the whole device.


The overall performance of the sheet metal chassis requires the effective cooperation of its various accessories so that the overall performance of our chassis can be optimized.


Sheet metal chassis will generate some vibration during the working process, and long-term resonance will cause certain damage to the equipment. Therefore, in the face of this kind of vibration, it is necessary to install the shock absorber in the sheet metal processing process, and there is almost no resonance amplification in the range of 1O - 2000 Hz after installation, although irregular peaks appear around 200 Hz, sheet metal The chassis cabinet has resonance amplification, but the time is short, the transmission rate is quickly reduced, and the impact on the cabinet is small. For how the chassis cabinet can have good production results, we have to start with its selection. A good product first needs to choose quality materials.


For the cabinet, the phenomenon of cracks and the like needs to be detected after leaving the factory, and no looseness may occur at the joint.


Then, for the specific requirements of the designer, the overall performance of the chassis cabinet is designed according to customer needs and environmental needs, and then the overall performance is punched and produced according to the design drawings. For the sheet metal processing in the production process, we need to consider the overall effect of power supply setting, heat dissipation compatibility, and cable distribution, so that the control of the sheet metal chassis has good usability