Small knowledge of CNC spindle maintenance

- Sep 06, 2017-

Here for everyone to popularize the little knowledge of electric spindle maintenance: The spindle is divided into many kinds of mechanical spindle, belt spindle, high-speed spindle and so on. Electric spindle, common still belongs to high speed spindle. High-speed spindle is capable of stepless frequency conversion speed, high, of course, faster processing effect is better. The spindle of the machine tool is driven directly by the internal motor, and the length of the main drive chain of the machine tool is shortened to zero, which realizes the "0 transmission" of the machine tool. This kind of spindle motor and the spindle of the machine tool form the transmission structure, so that the spindle parts from the machine tool transmission system and the overall structure of the relatively independent, forming a "spindle unit", commonly known as "Electric Spindle" (Electric spindle, motor spindle). Current electric spindle is mainly used AC high-frequency motor, so also known as "high-frequency spindle" (High Frequency spindle). Because there is no intermediate transmission structure, it is sometimes called a "direct drive spindle" (directly Drive spindle). There are many advantages of electric spindle: compact structure, light weight, small inertia, small vibration, low noise, fast response, and high speed, large power, simplified machine tool design, easy to achieve spindle positioning, is a high speed spindle unit of an ideal structure.