What are the factors that affect the polishing finis

- Sep 02, 2019-

What are the factors that affect the polishing finish?

The quality of the smoothness directly affects the accuracy of the gear, and the factors that generally affect the shaving finish are as follows:

1 The precision of the shaving gear has a great influence on the precision of the post-shave machining. Generally, the precision of the gear before shaving should be lower than that after shaving, and the requirement for the pitch is higher because the shaving is not driven by the machine. The chain is not a forced transmission, and the ability to correct the cumulative error of the pitch is relatively poor, so in general, the pre-shaving process uses hobbing as much as possible without using the gear.

2 The amount of shaving should be appropriate. The shaving margin is too small, the accuracy is not up to the requirement, but the margin is too large, which affects the efficiency of shaving. Some people have done experiments, M4.5 gear, relatively 0.18 Mm--0.22mm is most suitable. In the case where the precision of the pre-shaving process is relatively good, the remaining amount of shaving can be reduced.

3 The amount of shaving used has a great influence on the finish. Generally speaking, the reasonable speed is 90-110 m/min, the reasonable pass is 70-120 mm/min, and the smoothing stroke is 6-8 times.

4 The tooth profile error caused by shaving also affects the finish. After the actual machining experience, the tool is the correct involute, and the shaved gear is not easy to get the correct involute, which is an error. Relatively speaking, the helical gear is processed with a straight tooth razor, and the error is smaller than that of the oblique gear with a helical tooth razor (the angle of the shaft is guaranteed to be 10-15 degrees). Since the shaving error cannot be calculated now, the general tooth shape needs to be constantly corrected to achieve the correct requirements.