Why should the electrical equipment casing be grounded?

- Jul 19, 2019-

Why should the electrical equipment casing be grounded?

YISHANG has been designing custom metal electrical equipment enclosures for 22 years. Many of our customers have feedback that they will encounter the following problems more or less in the process of using metal equipment casings, so let's discuss this topic: why the electrical equipment casing should be grounded.

The metal enclosure and the live parts of the equipment are insulated and the enclosure does not charge, but if the insulation inside the appliance ages or is damaged, electricity may be transferred to the metal enclosure.

If the outer casing is not grounded, then people will be electrically contacted. If the metal case is grounded, the current will flow into the ground through the ground and people will touch it. The live metal case will not be energized. Grounding is the use of thick wire (preferably copper wire, because the aluminum wire is easily corroded or destroyed, generally not used as a grounding wire), one end is connected to the electrical enclosure, the other end is connected to a certain depth buried underground, and has a certain length Angle steel, usually this connection is also called ground wire.

The grounding wire is to prevent the metal casing from leaking or internal faults and causing harm to the human body.

If a leak occurs, the leakage current will be introduced into the ground through the grounding wire and the metal grounding body purchased underground, so that the household appliance with the metal shell is at zero potential, thereby protecting the user's personal safety.

The metal housing of the electrical equipment is grounded. It is not handled casually. It buries the grounding body or grounding device underground as required. The grounding device includes a ground electrode and a ground line. The installation requirements and methods are as follows: The grounding rod is usually made of metal such as steel pipe, steel bar, angle iron, etc. 

The grounding wire is the connecting line between the grounding pole and the outer casing of the electrical equipment.


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