Yishang Company’s 5 Major Keys to Display Rack Production

- May 22, 2018-

The following five aspects Yishang Company takes into account in product display rack production:


First, the product display rack should be clearly expressed and clearly defined


Themes are the basic information and impressions exhibitors want to pass to visitors, usually the exhibitors themselves or products.


Second, product display stand production must focus


Product display rack production center should be the focus. The focus of the booth can attract attention. The focus of the selection should be tailored to the purpose of the exhibition.


Third, product display rack production to consider space


Jewelry display cabinet makers need to consider the number of booth staff and the number of visitors. The crowded exhibition booths are not effective and will also cause some target audiences to lose interest. The empty exhibition stand in turn will have the same effect. In this regard, the use of booth area is the main factor.


Fourth, the product display rack production should have a striking sign


The distinctive design can attract the attention of the visitors, making it easier for visitors to identify and recognize the product, remember the product, leave a deep impression on it, and be recalled later. The design must be unique, innovative, and attract the attention of the audience, but do not divorce from the exhibition objectives and commercial image.


The display cabinet factory must make a comprehensive consideration when making display stands. It cannot easily draw conclusions. This will result in a large number of changes in the later period, and it will not be conducive to the theme. More importantly, it may delay the completion of the exhibition.  


Fifth, product display rack production should be simple and generous


This is very important. Most people can only accept limited information in an instant. If the audience is in a hurry, there will be no interest if they cannot obtain clear information in an instant. In addition, the complexity of the exhibition booth also makes it easier to reduce the work efficiency of the booth staff. The selection of exhibits must be representative, must be selected, and must be abandoned. Concise and crisp is the best way to attract the attention of the audience.


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