Large Light Box

YISHANG specializes in the manufacture of large-scale engineering projects such as large light boxes, Hong Kong cylindrical casings, and the Peace 360 display series. If you have a similar product that needs help, please contact us.

Product Details


YISHANG specializes in the manufacture of large-scale engineering projects such as large light boxes, Hong Kong cylindrical casings, and the Peace 360 display series. 

If you have a similar product that needs help, please contact us.

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MaterialCold rolled steel plate, galvanized square tube, galvanized sheet

800*400*2000 mm (customized with drawing size)


black, white gray, etc.

(Colors can be customized according to your requirements.)
It is recommended that you choose the right color in the Pantone color card.

Surface treatmentPowder coating treatment, and the like.
MOQ 100 set.
Delivery time20 -25 days

First, Applicable occasion:

the product is suitable to be placed in large squares, airports, exhibitions, sports officers and so on.

Second, Product details:



1. Door panel


  It is made of 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the door panel is provided with a liquid crystal display frame. Use a tongue lock to secure the door panel.


  Display frame: Stores the LCD scrolling display.

2. Framework

Material: welded by 38*38*1.0mm thick galvanized pipe.

Uses: Support the entire light box.

Color: It is recommended to use galvanized primary color to resist corrosion and rust. You can also choose the right color in the Pantone color card according to your needs.

3. Lock: Use a hand lock to fix the door panel. You can choose the following different types of locks (pictures with locks) according to the product requirements.

34. Backboard: The backboard is designed to be used up and down. The top and bottom hollow parts are rectangular cooling holes, which not only have a beautiful appearance, but also effectively dissipate heat. 

You can choose blinds or circular louvers. (The size and shape can be customized as required.)


5. Bottom

It is recommended to use iron plates with a thickness of 5mm - 10mm. The connection between the bottom and the box is processed by continuous arc welding.

Continuous arc welding

A single-sided welding double-sided forming technology that continuously burns the arc during the welding process, does not extinguish, adopts a small blunt edge gap, selects a small welding current, and always maintains short-arc continuous welding. 

The advantages of continuous arc welding are good, the weld quality is high, and it can generally be used for welding thicker containers, steel structures and steel plates.

Third, Surface treatment method: 

large-scale products more than 1 meter high conventional use of bread oven for powder coating.


Fourth, packaging:

1. Packing: pallet + foam film + thicker corner

2. Packaging meaning:

Large equipment light boxes, we routinely use foam film wrap, the product's four corners are protected by thick paper corner protection.

Large products are recommended to be bundled with steel plates and steel strips for easy loading and unloading.

3. Pallets: 8b13632762d0f7038829b4a108fa513d2697c537

A type of logistics handling equipment. The pallet is different according to the materials produced.


1 According to the table top classification. There are four types: single-sided, single-sided, double-sided and airfoil;

2 According to the forklift fork classification. There are three types: one-way fork type, two-way fork type, and four-way fork type.

3 Classification according to materials. There are five types of wooden flat trays, steel flat trays, plastic flat trays, composite flat trays, and paper trays.

ISO 6780 global standard size:

6 trays of 200 mm × 1000 mm, 1200 mm × 800 mm, 1219 mm × 1016 mm, 1140 mm × 1140 mm, 1100 mm × 1100 mm and 1067 mm × 1067 mm.

4. Bubble bag:QQ图片20190404185035

Type: ordinary bubble bag, anti-static bubble bag, conductive bubble bag.

Advantages: The bubble bag is equipped with a shock absorbing bubble film, and there are numerous small bubbles in the bubble film, so the body is light, flexible, and has the functions of sound insulation, shockproof and scratch resistance.

Scope of application: shock-proof cushioning and protection packaging for electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, display stands, household appliances, large light boxes, kitchens, furniture, hardware tools, glass products and precision instruments.

5. Corner paper:timg

Material: Bonded from cardboard laminate, so it can be recycled and recycled.

Type: L-shaped paper corner, U-shaped paper corner, bent paper corner, waterproof paper corner, wrapping paper corner, shaped paper corner.

Regular size: 30*30*3 (mm), 40*40*3/4/5 (mm), 45*45*3 /4 /5 /7 (mm), 50*50*4 /5 (mm) Etc., can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers.


1. It is convenient to unpack.

2, to prevent external damage, can protect the product and its edge reinforcement, protection from the edge of the strap too tight damage.

3. It can protect, support or pallet during the handling process, so as to avoid damage to the corners of the goods during handling, packing and transportation.

4, the export container can be free of fumigation, save costs, and is widely used.

5. Provide a solid package for pallet transport.

6. Increase the stacking pressure of the carton.


Fifth, customized services:

1. The customer needs to provide sketches—uses—destination price (designed overall materials) or specified materials—process requirements—quantity—use time.

2, free 3D.

3, the team is available 24 hours a day.