Large Outdoor Light Box

Large Outdoor Light Box

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Product Details

Large Outdoor Light BoxYS-1200002

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Product Description
ProductLarge Outdoor Light Box
MaterialCold rolled sheet, galvanized tube, galvanized sheet
Material thickness

Cold rolled and galvanized sheets Conventional thickness: 0.8 mm - 1.2 mm

Galvanized pipe diameter 20*20 mm, 30*30 mm

Size (W*D*H)1000 X 400 X 2000mm can be customized according to customer requirements.
Regular white and red, it is recommended to choose the right color in the Pantone color card.
Surface treatment

Powder coating treatment

MOQ100 set
Production cycle

Sample production time 3 days

Batch production time: 20 days

Payment method

T/T, Western Union, PayPal, cash settlement.


OEM, ODM sheet metal manufacturing.

Applicable place

The product is suitable for large squares, airports, exhibitions, sports officials, etc.

 Product Details

1. Door panel: 

It is made of 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the door panel is provided with a liquid crystal display frame. Use a tongue lock to secure the door panel.

   Display frame: Stores the LCD scrolling display.

2. Framework:

Material: welded by 38*38*1.0mm thick galvanized pipe.

Uses: Support the entire light box.

Color: It is recommended to use galvanized primary color, which has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability. You can also choose the right color in the Pantone color card according to your needs.

3. Lock:

 Use a hand lock to fix the door panel. You can choose the following different types of locks (pictures with locks) according to the product requirements.

4. Backboard: 

The backboard uses a deep red graphic design. The three rear boxes and the vents are rectangular vents, which not only have a beautiful appearance, but also effectively dissipate heat. You can choose blinds or circular louvers. (The size and shape can be customized as required.)

5. Bottom:

It is recommended to use iron plates with a thickness of 5mm - 10mm. 

The connection between the bottom and the box is processed by continuous arc welding.

Continuous arc welding: a single-sided welding double-sided forming technology that continuously burns the arc during the welding process, does not extinguish, adopts a small blunt edge gap, selects a small welding current, and always maintains short-arc continuous welding. 

The advantages of continuous arc welding are good, the weld quality is high, and it can generally be used for welding thicker containers, steel structures and steel plates.


Plastic bag:

1) Material: Conventional use of bubble film to wrap a large light box casing. 

2) Thickness: large outdoor light box packaging is usually used in bubble film packaging 0.03mm - 0.05mm.

3) Type:

    Bubble film - Large outdoor light box packaging is packaged in bubble film, which is easy to pack and reduce extrusion.


For conventional large light box enclosures, we recommend either overall packaging or disassembly and dispensing for delivery.

1. Flat packaging: reduce the packaging volume to reduce air freight. (with photos)

2. Overall packaging: reduce your installation costs, the cost of different countries (installation + transportation) is relatively different.

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  • The founder of the company, Liang Sheng, has served in large units such as Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong MTR, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank.

  • The importance of business communication skills, you must be able to communicate by phone outside the mail communication.

  • The business, production and management teams must have the responsiveness to provide customers with simple and fast solutions.

  • The product is relatively heavy, the structure is sturdy, the installation is simple and safe, the transportation cost is low, and the loading mode is important.

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