Outdoor Electrical Box

This electrical box is waterproof, can be used outdoor or indoor. Made of 304 stainless steel, not easy to rust. Polishing surface, waterproof effect is better. We can help you customize the electrical box, welcome to send your drawings to us!

Product Details


 Name Outdoor Electrical Box
 Application Outdoor or indoor.
 MOQ 50 pieces.
 Material 201, 304 or 316 stainless steel.
 Size According to your drawings
 Color Original stainless steel color.
 Finish Polishing.
 Logo Silk printing or laser marking.
 Sample Charge 1/3 fee can be refunded in the bulk order
 Lead Time Sample: 13 - 15 days. Bulk: 25 - 30 days
 Services Professional custom-made service.

aOutdoor Electrical Box, Outdoor Electrical Box, Outdoor Electrical Box

Product details:

QQ图片20190327110012Material selection:

We will carefully select the right raw materials for you based on your use in different places:

For example, 201 stainless steel and cold rolled steel are recommended for product placement.

304 stainless steel is recommended for outdoor, wet or acidic locations.

If you are living in a coastal area, it is more suitable to use 316 stainless steel.


Eaves Rain Hat

Eaves structure, using thicker stainless steel material. 

There is a convex bending edge inside the eaves to prevent the rainwater infiltration.

Cooling holes: You can choose the following different sizes and different number of cooling holes according to your needs.

Type of vents: Rain cap vents and square vents (with photos)


Dimensions of vents can be selected by material classification:

Cold rolled steel plate thickness is 1.0 - 1.2 mm. It is recommended to use 50*10 louver holes for heat dissipation. You can choose 2 rows and 3 rows.

The thickness of the stainless steel plate is 0.7 -1.0mm. It is recommended to use 80*15 louver holes for heat dissipation. You can choose 1 - 2 rows.

  Piercing hole: 

  The diameter of conventional hole is 28 mm, and the hole of different sizes can be  customized according to your requirements.

Metal Installation Plate: Metal Installation Plate is installed in the box body, which is fine workmanship, durable and reliable.

Installation panel: It is recommended that you choose adjustable movable panel or removable installation panel.

The installation board we designed is adjustable and removable. You can adjust the height of the installation board according to the size of the equipment installed. Improve the performance of equipment boxes, reduce inventory costs and increase your sales.


Hinge: Anti-loosening design of high strength hinge, door panel will not be affected by extrusion to open normally.

High quality lock: You can choose the following locks according to your own needs.

Types of locks: letter box lock, bouncing lock, roll tongue lock, hand lock 

We equip each distribution box with a lock, which uses a good quality lock cylinder to reinforce the service life of the door lock, and the structure of the accessory is tight and not easy to fall off.


The bottom has the following options:

Placed outdoors: regular models, base plate add bracket height and bottom to increase adjustment feet. (with drawings)