19 Inch Rack Cabinet

19 Inch Rack Cabinet

Customized large cabinet batch first production time? 48 hours

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3The 19-inch power distribution cabinet is widely used in LED lighting inspection instruments, spectrum analysis systems, and distributed photometric needles to provide a good medium for a wide range of lighting equipment. The data of the test instruments can be stored and monitored more safely and efficiently through the power distribution cabinet. 

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Product Name19 Inch Rack Cabinet
Material Iron plate
Thickness1.2mm and 1.5mm
material thicknesspowder coating treatment, painting treatment, etc.
Colorwrinkle white and wrinkle ash (color can be customized according to Pantone color.)

Screen printing: printing is carried out by using the basic principle of the mesh of the screen printing plate to penetrate the ink, and the non-image part of the mesh is not transparent. You can customize the screen template according to the international Pantone color card.

Advantages: bright colors, low prices and long shelf life.
Required documents: It is recommended to provide us with AI format files.
MOQ50 piece
Production TimeSample: 3 - 5 days. Batch order: 12 - 15 days.
ServicesProfessional custom metal fabrication services.

product description: 

Style: 19 Inch Rack Cabinet, etc. (change according to different keywords)

● Standard configuration: top cover, bracket, front cover 1-8 assembly, front cover, feed trough, laminate, power panel, door panel, left and right side covers

Reinforced ribs, acrylic door panels, door locks, and accessories.

Top cover: We use rectangular heat dissipation holes, and the heat dissipation holes are distributed around the entire top plate to make the heat dissipation even.

The top cover can be detached at will and fixed with screws. (The vents can be stamped according to your needs.)

Bracket: movable bracket, which is the main body of the cabinet. It is bent from a cold steel plate into a square tube and a chassis. Currently load-bearing: 15-30kg

Front cover (1-8 assembly): Precision digital punching and precision digital hole bending.

Front cover: 2 rows of long cooling holes and power output and input holes. (The hole position can be customized according to the shape and size of your equipment.)

Feeding trough: There are enterprise troughs and M5 rivet nuts on both sides of the cabinet. The dense 25mm pitch modulus holes ensure the flexibility and versatility of the installation. Easy to adjust

You can adjust the height according to the equipment box placed.

Laminate (1-8 assembly): A 0.8 mm thick cold-rolled steel plate is used.

It is recommended to position the diagonal first during the installation process. Make sure that the equipment box is not installed because the laminate is tilted.

Power panel: φ12mm, φ13mm round hole and power output aperture.

The surface is anti-static sprayed to ensure that the power supply does not conduct electricity.

Door panel: 0.8mm thick cold rolled steel plate. You can also choose the following thicknesses of 1.0mm and 1.2mm.

        The door panel uses a movable latch, and the door panel is about 25mm high, ensuring that the door is flexible and smooth.


Left and right side covers:

The left and right side covers are provided with long heat dissipation holes. (The hole position can be customized according to the shape and size of your equipment.)

The right side panel can be loaded and unloaded according to requirements. When you need to install the equipment in the cabinet, you can remove the side panel by hand screwing the side panel, which is convenient and quick to install.

Reinforcement: The 25mm pitch module hole on the mounting post ensures flexibility and versatility of installation.

You can adjust the height according to the equipment box placed.

Acrylic door panels: High quality transparent acrylic panels are screwed to the door panel. The reference and voltage parameters of the cabinet's internal equipment can be viewed through a transparent acrylic plate.

Door lock: We can lock different hole sizes according to different types of doors. The cabinet type is flexible and convenient.

● Distribution box door lock models: AB102, A-99-2, A-99-1, MS-A-40, MS812-3, MS812-1,


 Casters: 2 with brakes and 2 without brake universal casters. (Recommendation: You can add casters or adjustable feet as needed.)

Plum blossom screws: 2 hand-picked plum screws.

Phillips screws: Configure the appropriate number of screws as needed.

Customized 19 Inch Rack Cabinet batch first production time?

48 hours       



The 19 inch rack cabinet packaging method of the cosmetic display rack has whtie foam, plastic bag and export KAA carton which can protect the headset display from damage.

Each unit packed in one carton, can be printed with buyers' own trademarks. Customization of packing configuration is warmly welcomed.

Each package will be tested for collision to assure it is strong enough and won't have problem during the shipping.