Sheet Metal Enclosure

Sheet Metal Enclosure

Our Sheet Metal Enclosure designed to enclose electrical or electronic equipment and protect harsh,industrial environments.for use as instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control.

Product Details


Our Sheet Metal Enclosure designed to enclose electrical or electronic equipment and protect harsh,industrial environments.for use as instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control.

Sheet Metal Enclosure Detail

Sheet Metal Enclosure

Material of Enclosure & Door

Sheet Steel 1.2mm

Size(W x D x H)

Custom any size


Retail store, shoppe, trade show, show room, etc.


About 1.5kg


Customize your design.


Silver in Pantone are available.

DoorSingle Door


Powder coated.


Silk-screen or stick picture on the header.

Sample Cost

Half of cost can be refunded in the bulk order.

Lead Time

Sample: 13 - 15 days. Batch: 25 - 30 days.


Pre-sale, middle-sale and after-sale services.

Production Process

Cutting material

High-end products: High-precision laser cutting machine, featuring: no cloak and burr, suitable for high-end equipment casings.

Mid-end products: It is recommended to use CNC punching machine and CNC shearing machine for operation. Suitable for large-volume, low-demand equipment enclosures.

Molding: It is produced by precision CNC bending machine to ensure the angle of the product and the assembly are seamless, straight and the holes are consistent.


Stainless steel plate: DC argon arc welding, 0.8-1.2mm stainless steel welding wire.

Cold rolled plate: carbon dioxide welding, using 0.8-1.2mm copper plated wire.

Welding: The melting degree is up to 100% (steel current 35-50V, iron current 40-50V). The required welding diameter is 5mmx5mm (to meet the large engineering acceptance criteria).

Soldering instructions: When using carbon dioxide welding, keep the current large, and when welding, the method can achieve the desired thickness and width.

Product Details


● Overall: Customized with cold rolled steel.

   Control panel: Precision digital punching and precision digital hole bending. Two voltmeter square holes and output input holes. (The hole position can be customized according to the shape and size of your equipment.)

● Bracket: movable bracket, which is the main body of the cabinet. It is bent from a cold steel plate into a square tube and a chassis. Currently load-bearing: 10-20kg

● Feeding trough: There are enterprise troughs and M5 rivet nuts on both sides of the cabinet. The dense 25mm pitch modulus holes ensure the flexibility and versatility of the installation. Easy to adjust

You can adjust the height according to the equipment box placed.

● Power panel: φ12mm, φ13mm round hole and power output aperture.

The surface is anti-static sprayed to ensure that the power supply does not conduct electricity.

● Door panel: 0.8mm thick cold rolled steel plate. You can also choose the following thicknesses of 1.0mm and 1.2mm.

        The door panel uses a movable latch, and the door panel is about 25mm high, ensuring that the door is flexible and smooth.

● Door lock: We can lock different hole sizes according to different types of doors. The cabinet type is flexible and convenient.

● Accessories:

 Casters: 2 with brakes and 2 without brake universal casters. (Recommendation: You can add casters or adjustable feet as needed.)


Common packaging methods: polyethylene bag + white + export carton.

We conduct product quality control again and check the instructions and other accessories during the packaging process to ensure that our customers receive good products.


We are committed to manufacturing rugged and space-saving packaging designed to protect products and save on transportation costs for our customers.

We work with special shipping companies to make customers pay less and receive goods quickly.


What Metal Enclosures We Can Produce?
YISHANG can produce a variety of metal enclosures, including electronic equipment enclosure, medical equipment enclosure, electric enclosure, server rack, network cabinet, tools cabinet, etc. Welcome to customize!

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