5 Principles To Be Followed In Metal Stamping Parts Processing Process

- Sep 06, 2017-

1. When the sectional quality and dimension accuracy of the metal stamping parts are high, it is possible to consider adding the finishing process after the blanking process or using the precise blanking process directly.
2. The number of working processes of the bending parts depends largely on the complexity of the structure shape, depending on the number of bends, the relative position and the direction of bending. When the bending radius of the bending piece is less than the allowable value, a plastic operation is added after bending.
3. The working procedure quantity of the drawing piece is related to the material property, tensile height, the tensile step number and the tensile diameter and material thickness. When the fillet radius of the drawing piece is small or the dimension precision is higher, a plastic operation must be added after stretching.
4. In order to improve the stability of stamping process, it is sometimes necessary to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of stamping parts. For example, the additional positioning of the bending part of the process hole punching, forming process of increasing deformation to reduce the hole blanking to transfer deformation areas and so on.
5. Blanking shape simple metal stamping parts, using single process die completion. Blanking shape complex workpiece, because the mold structure or strength is limited, its internal and external contour should be divided into several pieces of blanking, the need to adopt multi-channel stamping process. Continuous mode can be selected when necessary. For the plane of the higher requirements of metal stamping parts, can be in the blanking process after the addition of a leveling process.
Metal stamping parts of the quality of materials, mold quality, stamping equipment, processing technology and other factors, so in the production of metal stamping parts should follow the above material selection and processing principles, in order to save the cost of metal stamping parts, increase the quality of metal stamping parts and qualities.