Analysis Of Necessary Environment Of CNC Machine Tool Market In China

- Sep 06, 2017-

Since entering the new century, China's machine tool industry has experienced the rapid development of nearly ten years and made great achievements in the world. 2009 industry economy Scale to the world's first, 2010 industry-wide completion of industrial output of nearly 550 billion yuan, including metal processing machine tool value of 20.9 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about one-third of the world. With the rapid growth of the scale of the economy, the machine tool industry's product structure level continues to improve, the technological innovation ability is significantly enhanced, the comprehensive quality of the industry enterprises and the market competition ability continue to improve. 2010 the whole industry completed CNC machine tool production of more than 220,000 units, CNC machine Tool domestic market share reached 57%, domestic mid-range CNC machine Tool batch market, some high-end CNC machine tools began to enter the key industries in the core manufacturing field and get preliminary application, in a few core manufacturing areas have made important breakthroughs.

China's CNC machine tool started late, originated in the last century 80 's, after 30 years of ups and downs of development, has been into a long-term maturity. CNC machine tool, as a manufacturing machinery, mainly used in aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing, weapons manufacturing and so on. CEO, the Secretary-General of the International Mold Association Rob said that at present our country is in the middle of the industrialization, automobile, steel, machinery, mold, electronics, chemical industry, such as a group of high growth industry based on strong momentum of development, the future machine tool market, especially CNC machine tool market demand exuberant. 2010, the total annual output of CNC machine tools 2.39 million units, year-on-year growth of 56%, 2005-2010 years of CNC machine Tool annual growth rate of 30.2%, industry growth rapidly.

With the expansion of the scale of the industry, domestic high-grade CNC machine tools significantly improved, high-grade products have made a major breakthrough, China's overall level of CNC machine tools to enhance overall. The rapid development of industry, the problem also follows: 1. The level of NC is low. At present, the production value of numerical control rate of less than 30%, the consumption value of the NC rate is less than 50%, while the developed countries in 70% or so, high-grade CNC machine tools supporting components can only rely on imports; 2. Functional parts production development is slow. The performance of functional components directly affects the overall technical level and performance of CNC machine tools, restricts the development speed of the mainframe, and its development status is closely related to the market competition ability of machine tools. At present, the development of functional parts enterprises in China is very lag; 3. The product structure level is low. From the industry as a whole, although the scale of the industry is very large, but the product is still in the global industrial chain in the low-end, domestic market demand and the supply capacity of the industry is not suitable for imports of machine tools into the domestic market.

Take the scientific development view as the guidance, turn the way, adjust the structure, focus on the domestic high-end market, with the innovation driving strategy as the leader, taking the key breakthrough to drive the overall strategy, play the leading role of major special, realize the shift of the whole industry work center of gravity. That is, to shift the focus of the whole industry to serve the core manufacturing areas of the key industries of national economy, transfer to continuously improve the domestic market share of high-grade CNC machine tools, transfer to continuously improve the high-end CNC system and functional components of the domestic market share. In the process of shifting the focus of the work, we should promote the transformation from scale expansion to technological progress, and gradually form a group of world-renowned brands and dominant enterprises with international influence to complete the phased goal of the transformation of the industry from the big change strategy.