Boutique Clothing Display Racks

This is a nice clothing display stand for boutique, department store, retail store and other occasions. It can show both skirts and trousers, the color matching is comfortable.

Product Details


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General information

  • Material: galvanized sheet and galvanized pipe.

  • Material thickness: plate: 0.7-1.0mm; pipe: 1.0-1.2 mm φ20-30 /φ30-40 mm

  • Display stand size: 1300*400*1800mm; accept custom sizes.

  • Color: Black, red, white (color can be customized according to RAL color card.)

  • Surface treatment: powder coating or painting treatment,

  • MOQ: 100 Set

  • Payment method: T/T, Western Union optional.

Product details


1. Stainless steel non-slip: Made of 304 brushed stainless steel.

2.logo: This clothing display rack can also add logo and price mark on the top.



1. Laminate: It is made by CNC stamping with 0.8mm cold rolled steel plate.

Laminate fixing method: Grooves are provided on both sides of each laminate as shown in the figure:


Once you have assembled the black frame, you can move the height of the laminate as you wish.

Simply place the laminate on the screws on the box.

2. Black box:

Customized with φ20*20 flat tube.

The surface treatment is treated with black powder coating, black smooth lines, and simple atmosphere.

The entire display rack can be disassembled and installed, saving packaging space and shipping costs.



Red base: It is made of 0.8mm galvanized sheet and bent by CNC punching machine and CNC bending machine.

Surface treatment: red powder coating treatment, you can choose the color you like according to your personal preference.



Adjusting the foot, using the adjustable lifting foot to fix the entire clothing display stand, convenient and quick

Boutique Clothing Display Racks, Boutique Clothing Display Racks, Boutique Clothing Display Racks

Packaging details

1. Lat packaging

2. Packing: foam cotton, plastic bag with holes and 5-layer carton packaging.

3. In order for the customer to successfully install and use the goods, we will again QC and check the accessories before the goods are placed in the carton.

4. We will carry out a package collision test before each order is shipped to ensure that our packaging will not be damaged during transportation.