Clothes Display Stand

It is a wonderful way to display t shirts, dresses, pants, even shoes in garment store, boutique and exhibition. It is portable on the floor and it looks nice.

Product Details


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It is a wonderful way to display t shirts, dresses, pants, even shoes in garment store, boutique and exhibition. It is portable on the floor and it looks nice. 

 ItemClothes Display Stand

1. Regular size: 100 x 40 x 140cm, 120 X 40 X 142.5 cm, 150 x 50 x 150 cm.

2, special size: can be customized according to the location and space in the clothing store.


1. Iron flat tube: 32*15*1mm, you can also choose a larger or smaller flat tube.

2, iron plate: 1mm thick, you can also choose 0.8mm thick.


1. Powder coating treatment: regular black, white and red. Other special colors are also available, but the order quantity is 300 pieces.

2. Painting: Any color can be selected, the order quantity is 50 pieces, and the cost is 1 times higher than the powder.

Silk screen
Lead TimeSample is 12 - 15 days. Bulk order is 25 - 30 days.
Sample Charge 1/3 charge can be returned in the bulk quantity.
 ServicesSatisfying pre-sale, on-purchase, after-sale services.
MOQ 50 set

Strut  frame

1. Frame construction:

1) The left side is the hanging stick mode for hanging clothes.

2) The right side is the shelf mode for stacking clothes, handbags or shoes.

3) Add the hanging rod part on the other side of the shelf as needed to make the shelf in the middle.

2, tube shape: the original design uses a square flat tube, you can also use the round tube as needed.

Head card

The original design of this clothing display rack does not have a head card but can be increased according to customer needs, there are three ways:

1. Slotted transparent acrylic head card: fastened with screws, it can replace the cardboard advertisement in the first card. After removing the screw, the first card can also be taken down.

2, with a transparent acrylic card with a clip: clip directly clamped the tube, ready to replace, more commonly used in clothing stores.

3, iron plate head card: fasten with screws, remove the screw and the head card can also be taken down.

Non-slip accessories

In order to prevent the clothes from slipping onto the ground, anti-slip fittings must be added at the top ends. There are 2 kinds of accessories to choose from:

1, screw-type non-slip accessories: can be removed manually without tools. (with photos)

2, welded anti-slip accessories: more solid, but can not be removed.


1, color: regular white and red, you can also match other colors according to your preferences.

2, fixed way:

1) Screw fastening: 

The screws are hidden under the shelf and will not be seen. It is suitable for the disassembly mode.

2) Soldering and fixing: It takes no time to install the shelf and is suitable for the entire assembly mode.  

 3, shelf distance:

1) Fixed distance: Weld the laminate or screw it to a fixed position.

2) Adjustable distance: can only be fixed with screws. Open the regular holes on the iron pipe to freely adjust the distance between the plates.


1. Adjustable foot: adjust the distance between the bottom of the product and the ground. It can be used on uneven ground to maintain the balance of the display. 

2, can not adjust the foot: the distance between the bottom of the product and the ground is fixed, only for flat ground.

Product disassembly structure

1. Save on packaging and transportation costs.

2, easy to install, 1 person to install only 15 minutes.

Customizing the information needed for the early display of the exhibition rack?

  • Product pictures, drawings, dimensions, weight

  • Target grade, product use

  • Free stereo renderings and renderings (with pictures)





It is packaged in PO plastic bags, polyolefin foam and single-layer cardboard boxes in corrugated boxes.

Packaging protection test:

Before the goods are packed, we will select some of the packed cartons for the protective collision test.

Make sure that all the goods the customer gets are in good condition.

Product production time:

Sample: 5-7 working days

Batch: 20-25 working days


100 sets of suggestions below choose bulk cargo

More than 100 sets recommends using containers to ship