Hook Display Stand

The usage of this hook display stand is large as it is able to show all goods which can be hung. The hooks are active on the pegboard, just set them anywhere you like!

Product Details


Hook Display Stand.jpgThe usage of this hook display stand is large as it is able to show all goods which can be hung. The hooks are active on the pegboard, just set them anywhere you like! 

 Product Hook Display Stand
 Design Customize your design, 3D sketch for fee.
 Usage Retail store, supermarket, exhibition, etc.
 MOQ 50 pieces.
 Texture1. Galvanized sheet: The thickness of the orifice plate and frame is 0.7-1.2mm, and the thickness of the bottom is 3mm.

2. Iron round tube: diameter can be selected from 2.5mm to 3.0mm.

3. Iron round support: thickness can be 2mm-3mm.

 Dimension1, regular size: 600 * 600 * 1700mm.

2, custom size: size can be customized according to needs, the recommended height does not exceed 1800mm.

 Weight Approximate 20kg.
 Colour White or your customized colour.
 SurfacingPainting treatment

Regular color: black or silver.

Custom color: can be customized according to product features.

 Logo Can make your personal logo!
 Sample Cost Half of cost will be refunded in the batch order.
 Production Time Sample: 12 - 15 days. Batch: 22 - 30 days.
 Services OEM and ODM.
 Pre-sale, on-purchase and after-sale services.

Hook Display Stand, Hook Display Stand


Product Details:

Support frame

The support frame is stamped by a CNC punching machine using a galvanized sheet, and then bent by a CNC bending machine.

Rounded corner design: Avoid collision with sharp right angles during collision. Available in diameter R30-R60 arc.

Installation method: There are mounting holes at the bottom of the frame. The tube must be inserted into the top of the frame from the mounting hole and screwed to ensure the frame is stable.

Orifice plate:

Hole shape: oval or round

Hole size:

1) Elliptical shape: regular diameter 5mm * height 20mm, recommended diameter is between 5mm-7mm, the recommended height is between 15mm-25mm, otherwise, the hook is inconvenient.

2) Round: The diameter can be selected between 5mm and 7mm and can be used with the corresponding hook.


3. Number of holes:

When the hole diameter is 5 mm, there are 29 holes in each row.

The number of holes can be selected depending on the shape and size of the holes. The oval holes are 30-40 layers, and the round holes are 50-60 layers.

4, fixed way: fixed with fasteners, can not be welded, otherwise, the inside of the display frame can not be sprayed. The fasteners can be rivets or screws.

Hook specification

1) Round support thickness: conventional 3.5mm, 5mm, 6mm or custom.

2) Hook length: conventional 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, or custom.

3. Quantity: 20 hooks on one side and 40 hooks on both sides. The required quantity can be configured according to the actual size of the product.

Both sides advertising

Non-replaceable ads: Screen printing or UV printing can be used. Although UV printing is more expensive than screen printing, the advertising content is three-dimensional and more flexible.



Connection method between round pipe and bottom pipe: 

Our company uses direct welding. Or use the car lock screw, it is recommended to use the screw diameter on the M10-M15.

Product construction method:

This display must be installed by two people, mainly by screws, and the installation time is 15-30 minutes. Demolition and assembly are recommended.

9. How to delay the life of the display stand?

1. Keep the display stand clean. When cleaning, wipe the surface with a semi-moist rag. Do not use corrosive detergents.

2. Prevent the display frame from being scratched by sharp objects and colliding with the weight of the display frame.

3. Do not leave the indoor display stand in the sun for a long time to avoid surface deformation.







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