Metal Floor Display

It is a nice pegboard metal floor display for various of products, you can set it in retail store, convenient store, supermarket and others.

Product Details


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Metal Floor Display, Met

Main material:

1. Iron plate: The thickness of the hole plate and frame can be 0.8mm-1.5mm, and the thickness of the bottom can be 3mm-4mm.

2, iron round tube: diameter can be selected from 1.5mm-2.5mm.

3, iron round support: thickness can be selected from 2mm-4mm.


1, the regular size: 500 * 500 * 1700mm, can also be used 400 * 400 * 1600mm.

2, custom size: size can be customized according to needs, the recommended height is not more than 1800mm.

Surface treatment:

1, regular color: white or black powder.

2, custom color: can be customized according to the characteristics of the product.

Suitable for the industry: snacks, key chains, socks, jewelry and other bags of goods

al Floor Display

Product details

Support frame

1. Rounded corner design: Avoid collision with a sharp right angle when colliding. R30 - R60 can be used for a rounded arc.

2. Installation method: There is a mounting hole at the bottom of the frame. The round tube must be inserted from the mounting hole to the top of the frame and fastened with screws to ensure the frame is stable.

Hole board:

1, hole shape: oval or round

2, Hole size:

1) Elliptical shape: Conventional diameter 5mm * height 20mm, the diameter is recommended between 5mm-7mm, height is recommended between 15mm-25mm, otherwise, the hook is not convenient.

2) Round: The diameter can be selected between 5mm and 7mm, and it can be used with the corresponding hook.


3. The number of holes:

1) When the hole diameter is 5 mm, there are 29 holes in each row. The number of holes will vary depending on the size of the hole diameter.

2) According to the shape and size of the hole, the number of holes can be selected. 30-40 layers are recommended for oval holes and 50-60 layers for round holes.

4, fixed way: fixed with fasteners, cannot be welded, otherwise, the inside of the display frame cannot be sprayed. Fasteners can be rivets or screws.

Hook up:

1. Applicable categories

1) Single rod stencil hook: 

2) Double-bar stencil hook: 


2, specifications

1) Round support thickness: conventional 3.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, or customized.

2) Hook length: conventional 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, or customized.

3. Quantity: 20 hooks are standard on one side and 40 hooks on both sides. The required quantity can be configured according to the actual size of the product.

Advertising on both sides

1. Replaceable advertising: Weld rectangular grooves on the side of the display rack to insert cardboard or AD board advertisements. It’s very convenient to take out your ad and replace it with a new one. (I use it)

2, non-replaceable advertising: can use silk screen or UV printing, although UV printing is more expensive than silkscreen, the advertising content is three-dimensional and more flexible.



1. Connection method between the round pipe and bottom: Our company uses direct welding. Or use the car lock screw, the screw diameter is recommended on the M10-M15.

2. Shape: Our company adopts a circle with a diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 5mm. It can also choose elliptical, rectangular or other irregular shapes according to your preference. The bottom size can be customized according to actual needs.



Packaging details

1. Overall packaging

2. Packing: foam cotton, plastic bag with holes and 5-layer carton packaging.

3. In order for the customer to successfully install and use the goods, we will again QC and check the accessories before the goods are placed in the carton.

We will carry out a package collision test before each order is shipped to ensure that our packaging will not be damaged during transportation.