Retail Product Displays

This retail product displays is unique and designed with adjustable baskets. It can display many kinds of products, suitable for retail stores.

Product Details


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This retail product displays is unique and designed with adjustable baskets. It can display many kinds of products, suitable for retail stores.

 Item Name Retail Product Displays
 Material Iron tube, plate, and wire
 Measure Can be customized.
 Color Silver (can be chosen)
 Surface High-quality powder coated
 Finish Steel is powder coated
 Logo Can be customized
 Sample Fee 3 times, 1/3 will be refunded at the bulk quantity
 Service Professional pre-sale, on-purchase, after-sale service
 Package Plastic bag + foam + KAA carton

Retail Product Displays, Retail Product Displays

The overall details of the product:

Advertising logo

1. Slot form: One slot is arranged at the top of the column, and the head card is directly stuck in the slot. Acrylic, AD or cardboard materials are recommended.

2, the form of the hook: the hook behind the head card, directly hung on the column arm. Acrylic or metallic materials are recommended.

3. Paste form: The backing is arranged behind the head card and directly pasted on the surface of the column. Cardboard or AD board materials are recommended.


1. Specifications: Our company adopts 40*40mm, and can also choose 35*35mm, 45*45mm, 50*50mm.

2, hanging holes:

1) Specifications: 4mm wide * 30mm high, the recommended height is 30mm, and the width varies according to the thickness of the handle.

2) Distribution: 7 rows of hanging holes are distributed on both sides of the original design column, 2 in each row. 5-10 rows of hanging holes can be customized as needed to adjust the basket position.


1. Round support spacing: The distance between the round supports can be customized according to the product type.

1) Small commodities: The recommended pitch is 20mm-50mm.

2) Large commodities: The recommended pitch is 50mm-100mm.

2, the number of baskets:

1) For each basket, you can make 1 or 2 baskets as needed. For flexibility, no more than 2 baskets are recommended for each layer.

2) The entire display rack can hang up to 9 baskets. For the sake of aesthetics, it is recommended to hang at least 8 baskets.

3, basket hanging handle: the following two screws can be used to fasten the basket

1) Butterfly screw: tool-free installation, the handle can be fastened with the basket by hand.

2) Phillips screw: A screwdriver is required to assist in fastening.


1. The column is connected to the bottom: it is fastened with screws and can be freely disassembled. Welding is not recommended, soldering is not easy to package, and it also increases the package size.

2. Auxiliary support: The original design uses trapezoidal auxiliary support to make the column more stable, and other shapes such as square, triangle, etc. can be used according to the buyer's preference.

3, the bottom style: the original design is a special "moon" style, you can choose other styles such as round, oval, etc., can also be customized according to the buyer logo pattern.

4. Ground contact method:

1) Direct contact with the ground: When moving, the bottom of the display stand and the ground are easy to scratch each other.

2) Adjust the foot to touch the ground: When moving, avoid direct contact with the ground. It also prevents the ground from being uneven and keeps the display stand balanced.

How to maintain the display stand?

1, avoid bumps

2, clean dust

3, away from acid and alkali

4, away from the sun

5, isolate the humidity