Store Display Stand

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Product Details

15599813337625First, the material:

1. Iron plate: 0.8mm - 1.2mm thickness.

2. Round iron pipe: 0.8mm - 1.2mm thickness, 35mm - 38mm diameter.

3. Acrylic: transparent, 1.0-1.2mm thickness.

Second, the size:

1. Regular size: small - 605 * 605 * 1800mm, large - 645 * 645 * 1845mm,

Third, the surface treatment

Dusting: Regular white, other colors can be selected from Pantone or RAL cards, but the minimum order quantity is 300 pieces.


Head Logo

1) Optional types: acrylic logo, metal logo.

1) Acrylic head card: thickness optional 3mm-5mm, recommended silkscreen, UV printing or enamel paints

2) Metalhead plate: thickness can be selected from 0.8-1.2mm, recommended silkscreen, UV printing or enamel paints

2, shape: according to your needs can be customized round, rectangular, square or other special shapes.

3, Fixed way:

Screw fixing: You can freely replace the new head card after removing the screw. It is suitable for acrylic and metal logo.

Rotating structure:

1, with 4 layers of rotation

2. This display frame does not contain rolling bearings. The rotation depends on a circular tube with a diameter of 35mm as the axis, and the shaft sleeve has a diameter of 38mm.

Acrylic Guardrail :

1. Acrylic thickness:

From the cost and aesthetic considerations, it is recommended to use 2.0mm-4.0mm, and our company adopts 3mm.

2, acrylic color:

1) Transparent and colorless (used by our company)

2) Transparent and colored

3) Translucent colored

4) opaque colored

3, Transparent acrylic advantages:

It adopts a highly transparent acrylic sheet with light transmittance comparable to glass, and the light transmittance is above 92%. But the density is only half that of glass. It's not as fragile as glass, and even if it's broken, it doesn't form sharp fragments like glass.

4, "Guardrail" height: You can choose the right height according to the type of goods displayed.

1) Cosmetics: 50mm-80mm is recommended.

2) Beverage: 80mm-120mm is recommended.

3) Candy: 100mm-150mm is recommended.


1, tray shape:

The original design is round, and other shapes such as squares, rectangles, and triangles can be used according to preferences. The shape of the acrylic "guard rail" must match the tray to be secured to the tray.

2, tray height:

If the height of the tray is too small, it will affect the fixing of the acrylic "guardrail". If the height of the tray is too high, it will affect the appearance of the display. Therefore, we recommend that the tray height be 10mm-15mm is the most suitable.

Supporting foot

1. The number of support feet: Our company uses 4 feet to stabilize the entire display stand, and can also use 5 feet.

2, support foot shape:

1) Iron square tube: Our company adopts 25mm*25mm iron square tube as support foot, and can choose 30mm*30mm, 35mm*35mm, 40mm*40mm and other conventional sizes.

2) Iron round tube: At the same time, an iron round tube with a diameter of 25mm - 40mm can also be used as the supporting foot.

3, sealing the mouth: to maintain the aesthetics of the support feet, there are two ways

1) Rubber plug: The common plastic plug of the corresponding size is used to seal the nozzle, which is easy and convenient, and the cost is low. (with photos)

2) Welded metal piece: Weld the iron piece of the corresponding size to seal the pipe. This method needs to be polished after welding, and the cost is twice as high as that of the rubber plug.

Mobile mode

1. Brake-type casters: Even if the display stand is full of goods, the movement is convenient, and it can be used on the flat or inclined ground, and it is not easy to deviate from the original position. (with photos)

2, adjust the foot: After filling the product, you need to force to move. However, it can be used on uneven ground, adjust the height of the foot according to the actual situation of the ground, and maintain the balance of the display stand. (with photos)

product disassembly structure:

1. Disassembly and assembly to save transportation costs: For medium-sized display racks, the package size of the package is 730*730*1920mm, and the package size of the disassembly structure is only 730*730*1000mm.

2. The package structure is not firm: This product is not a regular cube or rectangular parallelepiped. It is difficult to fix in the carton, and it is easy to shake in the carton and cause some parts to break.

3, easy to install: only the top logo needs to screw, other components only need to be directly nested, a person can take 10-15 minutes to complete the installation.

The customer does not understand how to install the display stand, how can I help customers?

1. Each product is equipped with an easy to understand installation manual.

2. Shoot the installation video to the customer.



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