The problem you might worry

01. Are we a manufacturer or trading company?

Welcome to look over our enterprise video.

Product structure drawing responded quickly with high-end insights.

02. Will the quality of batch not match for the quality of the sample?

The first sample of the batch will be amended the imperfections of the old sample. The first sample of the batch will be finished within 2 – 3 days.

The size, structure, installation and other details of the first sample will be checked via video or photos.

The first sample is the acceptance criteria of management department, the batch is much more beautiful than the sample.

03. The order amount is large, will the manufacture disappear after receiving the deposit?

Please check on the company established year, development history, machine equipment and so on.

Please check on company updating information.

04. The price is the cheapest, does the enterprise lie?

The sample must be produced to confirm the price. If the sample price is higher than the quotation, we will recommend suitable materials or processes to the customer.

Proforma invoice summary will remark the thickness of the material, technology, finish, and package.

05.  The deposit amount is not big, don’t want the third party to examine goods?

Place you order on Alibaba Trade Assurance Order .

Check the first batch’s size, structure and installation result via videos.
Report the progress of order production.
Business personnel will sampling check on every rate of progress.
Installation and packaging tests.

06. The order amount is not large, do not want to ask the third party to check the goods?

Place an order on Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Check the size, structure and installation effect of the batch first sample via videos or photos.

Report the progress of production.

Salesmen must sample the products on every progress.

Installation and packaging tests.

07. What about manufacture’s delivery time?

If the sample has problems, the customer must respond clearly in one-time.

The size, structure and installation effect of the batch first sample should be confirmed via videos or photos.

Management department makes order expectation, follow-up and reports production rate of progress, deal with important and emergency things every day.

When the order has problems, we will make three solutions in time and test at the same time.

If the delivery time delays 5 - 8 days, we will give the customer a 3% discount.

If the delivery time delays 10 - 15 days, we will give the customer a 5% discount or spare the FOB cost.

08. How about the production ability of the factory?

The expected production cycle of the product partition pieces are very important and the rational arrangement of production is the key.

Use up the machine to adjust the operation of professionals.

If technology has problems during production, we will stop producing one hour. The management department will discuss and decide three solutions to test in one hour. We will keep producing not exceeding two hours.

09. Quantity is small, do not want to spend money to open the mold?

For metal fabrication, stamping parts needs a mold, but the quantity of products is small, and the mold cost may be higher than the product value. In this case, we recommend using laser cutting. The advantages of laser cutting:

1. High precision: size tolerance is only 0.1mm.

2. The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface is free of burrs.

3. High cutting speed: cutting speed can reach 10 meters/minute.

4. Good cutting quality: no contact cutting, completely avoid the collapse of the material formed when punching.

5. Does not damage the workpiece: the laser cutting head will not contact the surface of the material to ensure that the workpiece is not scratched.

10. My order amount is small. Are you willing to accept the order? Can you make it well?

Yi Shang has always been willing to support each of our customers. Regarding the requirements of your customized project, regardless of the amount of the order, we treat it as a large order. In terms of quality control, every order is equal.

In small order, we hope you will appreciate our technology and capabilities and you can introduce us to your friends.

11. The customer is worried that the new design does not match the original bottom. We helped him.

Customers have always emphasized that this panel design is used to replace the old panel. Because the old panels have been exposed to long-term outdoor exposure, they can no longer be used.

When receiving the on-site physical map provided by the customer, in order to solve the customer's doubts. Our company takes the live picture of the original metal back plate as a reference.

We combined the site pictures according to the customer's requirements, re-edited the drawings and designed the 3D graphics to the customer for confirmation.

In order to make the installation easier for our customers, we changed the way the parts were bent, so that the design before the comparison was changed, the installation was more convenient, and the problems that had been worried were solved.

In September 2018, receiving feedback from customers, he was very satisfied with the production process and design of our products.


12. How to solve the problem when the product drawings and the actual production parts are in error?

In the production process, there are many special conditions that cannot be predicted. How do our professional production staff avoid and perfect each project?

Please review the following case:

This is the Hong Kong Airport Digital Signage Project. This project is produced according to the drawings provided by the customer. In the production process, the preliminary semi-finished products are completed by laser cutting and CNC bending and integral forming. When welding, our production staff found that the dimensions of the parts marked on the drawing were inconsistent with the actually required dimensions. Situations like this often happen.


First, the production staff reports problems to the workshop supervisor.

Through the special situation of the workshop, the technical personnel and the production supervisor communicate with the actual situation according to the drawing requirements and provide two modifications to the customer to select and decide within one hour.


1. Fill the missing iron pieces of the same size in the missing parts and weld them, so that the parts can be better fixed.

2. Redo the defective parts and weld them.


After communicating with the customer, the customer chooses the approach of Option 1. This can avoid damage to the original welded workpiece and save time in re-stamping and welding. At the same time, the project can be completed according to the original shipping time.


After sharing the case above, you can safely hand over the product to the Yi Shang company.

Our professionals will supervise the quality of your products all the time and give you the perfect artwork.



13. How high is the production error rate?

Considering that it is inconvenient for customers to QC before shipment in our company and the cost of hiring a third-party inspection company is very expensive, so we insist on 100% product free-inspection and 0% manufacturing error, opening a new way of friendship for cooperation. We are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses with small orders save money.

14 My cargo has 16 CBM. should I ship by LCL(less than container load) or FCL(full container load)?

In general, the minimum size of a container is 20 GP, and it can contain 24-26 CBM. If the goods exceed 11 CBM, then the shipping company will recommend the ship by FCL 20 GP container. The reasons are as follows:

1. FCL guarantees the safety of the goods and will not lose the goods.

2. Destination port charges are generally charged according to CBM. The larger the CBM, the more you will pay at the destination port.

3. Relatively speaking, FCL will be cleared by local custom faster at the destination port.

If the customer has doubts about this, Yishang will list the cost of LCL and FCL for the customer's reference. We will compare the price and security, to let customers receive satisfactory products.

15. Will you sell my customized products to other companies?

Yishang has been able to survive for more than 20 years in a highly competitive business community, relying on the principles of our business and the exquisite production technology. Customers' customized products will never sell other companies. In the experience of serving many domestic and foreign customers, we understand that technology and design are the most valuable. Customers are our friends, and the ideal state is to strive for a win-win situation. It is unethical to sell custom products from customers to other companies.

We are committed to the promise: "Customer's customized products are 100% confidential", not an empty talk. In many times, we will take the initiative to remind and ask customers to sign a confidentiality agreement.

If you have more questions about display rack, sheet metal fabrication and metal decoration products, please feel free to contact us.

16Is The Packaging Strong Enough?

Our company not only pays attention to the technology of the display stands but also pays attention to the packaging of the display stands. The purpose is to let customers receive perfect products.

1) Packaging method: Thick plastic bag or bubble bag for each product, 20 – 30 mm thick foam surrounding the product, 5 layers carton for export, paper angle beads protection outside the carton.

2) The first package must be tested for the collision. After the test, open the package to check if the product is damaged or out of position.

17.  How to weld makes the angle steel firm and does not fall off.

Angle steel, commonly known as angle iron, is a long strip of steel that is perpendicular to each other on both sides. Angle steel has equal angle steel and unequal angle steel.


Angle steel welding requirements: welding 50mm, interval 150mm, single-sided welding, welded outside the angle steel.

1. The angle steel butt joint must be welded, and the corner joints are welded at 100mm.

2. Weld height A4


In the production process of our processing angle steel, it will inevitably encounter various problems.


This is the case of the angle fittings welding of the US customer assistance kit project, which is cut and opened according to the drawings provided by the customer. The shape and size are irregular, resulting in a gap in the diagonal, which is very difficult in the welding process. So how does YI SHANG solve this process problem?

Next is the solution we offer our customers:


1. Make a fixture before production. (Avoid the displacement of the workpiece during the welding process.)

2. When welding, align the edges and angles. When welding, the angles are perpendicular to each other. (Make sure the workpiece will not be uneven.)

3. The weld should be evenly welded. (It is convenient for the process to be polished.)


If you have more questions about display rack, sheet metal fabrication, and metal decoration products, please feel free to contact us.

How to weld the angle steel firm

18. How long do you guarantee the delivery time, as the Chinese New Year holiday is so long?

The Chinese New Year holiday in Yi Shang is about 15-18 days usually. The reason is that some employees are far away from hometown and only return hometown once a year. The Spring Festival is a very important holiday for the Chinese. Considering the mood of employees missing their hometown, the Spring Festival holiday will generally be longer.

In such a special case, our salesman will inform the customer about our holiday time one month in advance. In the aspects of raw materials, surface treatment, personnel transfer, etc., coordinate with the customer's delivery time to ensure the customer's delivery time.

19. The mold is expensive, can it be replaced by other methods?


1. In order to save your cost, our technology team will find ways to use bending, milling, lathing, welding, and other methods instead.


2. If really needs a mold, we can use our existing similar mold without affecting the product's effect, so you don't need to open a new mold.

20. How to solve the problem of pressing mold?

We usually encounter these problems during the production of the sheet metal:

T = 0.8, according to the principle of selection of the mold, V = 5X0.8 = 4mm.4v the distance from the center to the side is 3.5 mm, and the size within 2.9 mm is 2.9-0.8 = 2.1 mm, and the bending dimension is from the center line to the side of v Within the distance, it is impossible to locate when it is installed.

Using the lower mold to reverse the assembly, the upper mold will press the post-fixation, and both the front and the back will not work. How to solve this problem?



1. It is possible to add a gasket (not to exceed 3T) before the back gauge so that the back gauge can be retreated and avoid the upper mold.

2. If the other end is 3, the other end can be used as the other end.

21 How to prevent scratching your hands?

How to avoid the edge of the product being too sharp and scratching the hand?

Customer demand: The product must not have burrs, not too sharp to scratch the hand.

The customer told us that many customers feedback that the edge of the previous product is too sharp, and the product is easy to scratch the hand during the use process, resulting in many customer complaints.

So he asked us to design a new stainless steel bottle holder for him.

After communicating with the customer and understanding the customer's needs, we provided the customer with a new design drawing of the stainless steel bottle holder for confirmation within 3 days. Customized samples are sent to customers within 5 days.


During the production process, we bent all edges inward by 0.5 mm. This is done so that all edges can be turned into a circular arc to prevent customers from scratching their wrists while using the product.


The customer is very satisfied with the product after receiving our samples.

Please review the following customer feedback:


YI SHANG is a direct factory that can save you 30% of the intermediate trade costs, has a strict quality control system, and provides you with 100% inspection-free products.

Customer recognition is our greatest improvement and encouragement.

22. How to use reasonable space for multi-functional display?

For inquiries from Australian umbrella display racks.

Pain point:

Could you design and customize an umbrella display stand for us? We don't want it to be too big or too bulky, our customers don't want to consume too much space in their store because the store is small.


Our company conceived:

üDesign optional

Single-sided display: square tube frame structure, central double-sided inserting layer, wall-mounted single-sided tray design.

Double-sided display: square tube frame structure, central double-sided inserting layer, wall-mounted tray design on both sides, customers can adjust the height of the tray at will.


üSave space

Customers can achieve single-sided or double-sided display through perforated metal boxes and hanging metal trays.

If the customer's storage space is small, you can choose the number of layers and display methods according to the scope of the display space.

as the picture shows:


23. Customers suddenly ask for changes in product design before shipment, how do suppliers deal with them?

On the morning of August 15, 2019, I received an email from a German customer who told us that the patent application for the product failed. Customers are now requesting delayed shipments of all shipments and redesigning the product design. In order to solve this problem, the customer did not take a good rest for a few days. Finally, he found us asking for help, and hopefully, we can think of alternative solutions to solve this problem.


We are sorry to hear this news. After all, these are products that we design in conjunction with our customers. We will do our utmost to minimize losses and provide solutions to our customers in a timely manner.

On the afternoon of August 15, 2019, the business department, production department, and technical department will organize a 40-minute small meeting within 2 minutes.

Because all the packaging of the product has been purchased back, it cannot be changed. Once the external dimensions of the product are changed, it means that all the packaging needs to be reordered. This will increase the customer's loss.

In order to maintain the original external dimensions, we minimize the loss for our customers. Our company provides the following solutions:

1. The internal welding tray is used to place items such as cleaning utensils.

2. Laser-cut meaningful patterns on the front of the product, such as wave maps, flower maps, landscape maps, etc.

3. Cut the circular hole of the lid on the surface of the product so that the customer can store more caps.


On the morning of August 16, 2019, we provided our customers with the above options and corresponding renderings to make choices for customers.

Finally, the customer selects Option 2 and adds a 2 cm diameter hole at the top of the product that holds the cleaning brush.

As shown:


After the customer finally confirmed the practice, we re-assembled the product and delivered it to Germany from August 17 to August 25, 2019.


We will work with our customers to provide a reasonable solution to customize any product on the company. If you are interested in us or have a custom class project that needs our assistance, please visit our website and send an inquiry to the following email address:

23. What if the international courier company loses goods?

In general, the loss of goods by international courier companies is a very low probability. In the unlikely event that a package investigation or claim procedure is required.

Before shipment, the sales of Yishang will inform the customer of the package information in the email: (1) the number of cartons (2) the package size (3) the gross weight (4) the number of products. At the time of receipt, the consignee should confirm the above information in person and send the company to see if the goods are damaged. If it is damaged or lost, contact your local dispatch company immediately. The faster the processing time, the better, the longer the time, the more troublesome.

The above is the pain point of "How to deal with lost goods by the international express delivery company". For more information on this type of issue, please feel free to contact us.