Galvanized Bending Parts Set

Galvanized Bending Parts Set

Marking precision sheet metalwork look easy with metal forming tools such as our CNC press brake machines made the Galvanized Bending Parts Set.

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Item Name: Galvanized Bending Parts Set

Descriptions of Galvanized Bending Parts Set:

We have a suite of precision sheet metal bending machines set on Constant’s manufacturing shop floor including our TruBend 5130, TrumaBend V85s and TrumaBend V850. We also have traditional Rollers as part of our sheet metal fabrication facilities. This allows us to bend lengths on the shop floor from as small as a matchstick to 3 meters in length. Due to our years in the industry we’ve excellent working relationships with oversized sheet metal bending companies, so we can still facilitate all your projects requirements.


For jobs that require tight bending tolerances, we have a range of machines that are equipped with automatically controlled bending sensors. These allow precise and fast angle measuring throughout the bending procedure with the facility to make micro adjustments automatically, to keep the machine producing the desired angles to extreme accuracy.


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