DIY Metal Pirate Ship

Welcome to order our DIY metal pirate ship splicing module. Our pirate ship is made of all metal, if you are a loyal fan of the pirate ship, don't miss it. Tips: You can choose the finished product that has already been assembled. If you want to assemble it yourself, you can leave us a note in the mail

Product Details

No. YS-1700032  


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General information 

Material selection: galvanized flower plate, stainless steel plate (201/304/316)

Metal material thickness: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, etc.

Accessories: 1.0mm nylon thread.

Surface treatment:

Iron plate galvanized plate: zinc pattern, powder spray, spray paint.

Product size: 530*165*320 mm

Production time: 2 days for samples; 5-7 days for batches.

Service: OEM & ODM Service

MOQ: 50 pieces.


Classic metal pirate ship model, selected from high quality 1.5 mm thick galvanized panels for laser cutting.


Each metal module is cut and formed by a laser cutting machine. 

All cutting edges have no burrs and will not scratch the hands. Assembling enthusiasts can install them with confidence.

Applicable occasions: study in the study, living room, office, factory, etc.


Our classic and modern pirate ship model is the best choice for your home d├ęcor.

Front and rear edges (a sail):

The force of the ship moving in the windward direction by the force generated by each side of the sail.


It includes the ship's side panels and the ship's floor. 

The geometry of the hull is cut by laser, and each piece has a groove corresponding to the bottom of the ship for splicing.

Hull skeleton: 

It consists of the keel, side keel, rib, dragon rib, keel, bow column, and stern column, which together form the ship skeleton.


Use 502 glue to splicing together, perfect for a family at home. 

Customize the exhibition frame early communication materials?

1, brand product picture, size, weight

2, target grade, use scenario

3, free stereo renderings and renderings (with pictures)

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Packaging Details  

Packaging materials: foam, PO plastic bags, cartons, L-shaped paper corner packaging.

Product packaging size: 460*450*50 mm

Product gross weight: 3.26 kg

Installation test before shipment: Before placing an order, we will analyze the package size and whether the package is strong enough.

Before shipping the ship, we will check the quality of the metal ship decoration to avoid customers receiving unqualified products.

We must ensure that our customers get the perfect metal boat decoration.


Mode of transport: express, air, and sea. Express includes TNT, FedEx, DHL, EMS and more. If the customer does not need transportation, we will ship the goods in the cheapest way.

Shipping: We work with line transportation companies around the world to ship products at the cheapest price.