Heavy Door Hinge

Customized: Heavy-duty door hinges for door frames for large equipment. High-strength hinges Anti-loose design, the door panel is squeezed without affecting normal opening. If you have a similar project that needs help, please contact us as soon as possible. Huxanhe@zsyishang.com

Product Details


Heavy Door Hinge


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First, Details:

Material: cold rolled steel, etc.

Surface treatment: regular color black and white (such as special colors can be customized according to Pantone color).

Regular size reference (width * height * depth): 300 X 200 X 10 mm, 500 X 300 X 10 mm (can be customized to any size according to the drawing)

Second, Scope of application: 

large door lock accessories, large light box accessories, large electrical equipment door frame comparison, large engineering accessories, etc.

Third, Product details:

Material selection: cold rolled steel plate, stainless steel plate (201/202 /301/304/316)

1. Cold-rolled steel sheet: The conventional thickness is made of cold-rolled steel sheet of 5.0 - 10.0 mm.

2. Stainless steel plate: The conventional thickness is made of stainless steel plate of 3.0 - 8.0 mm.

Indoor use: Choose 201 and 202 stainless steel plates, which are cheap and suitable for low-end products.

Outdoor, acid area: Choose 301 and 304 stainless steel plates, the price is moderate, suitable for medium and high-end products.

Coastal area: Choose 316 stainless steel plate, suitable for high-end products.

Mounting holes:

Mounting hole type: square hole, oval hole (with photos)

Size: Different sizes of holes can be customized according to drawings and requirements.

Hinge making: customized by CNC lathe, high-strength hinge, anti-loose design, the door panel will not be affected by the normal opening. The surrounding is smooth and smooth.


Fourth, the production process:

Cutting material:

High-end products: High-precision laser cutting machine, featuring: no cloak and burr, suitable for high-end equipment casings.

Mid-end products: It is recommended to use CNC punching machine and CNC shearing machine for operation. Suitable for large-volume, low-demand equipment enclosures.

Molding: It is produced by precision CNC bending machine to ensure the angle of the product and the assembly are seamless, straight and the holes are consistent.


Cold rolled plate: carbon dioxide welding, using 0.8-1.2mm copper plated wire.

The melting degree is up to 100% (steel current 35-50V, iron current 40-50V). The required welding diameter is 5mmx5mm (to meet the large engineering acceptance criteria).

Soldering instructions: When using carbon dioxide welding, keep the current large, and when welding, the method can achieve the desired thickness and width.

Grinding: no sanding, smooth welding and melting.

Surface treatment:

Stainless steel plate: can choose mirror, wire or sand steel (can add spray, anti-handprint and dust).

Cold-rolled steel plate: powder-sprayed, the color can be selected according to the Pantone color card.

 Painted to suit the same surface gradient color. (Best for high-end products)

Fives . Packaging

Common packaging method: poly bag + white form + export carton.

We carry through product QC again and also check the instruction and other fittings during the packaging to ensure customers can receive the good products.

Six. Shipping

We devote ourselves to make the firm and volume saving packaging, aim at protect the goods and save shipping costs for customers.

We cooperate with the special line shipping forwarder companies, aim at let customers spend less money and pick up the goods quickly.

Seven. History:

Former company: Chuangda Stainless Steel Decoration Engineering (established in 1996)

Upgraded company: Zhongshan Yishang Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (established in 2012)

International company: Hong Kong (Zhongshan) Yishang Display Products Co., Ltd. (established in 2016)

International company: Hong Kong (Zhongshan) Yishang Display Products Co., Ltd. (established in 2016), adding custom decoration services for home decoration.

Project case: Hong Kong airport document light box, indicating class, pallet recycling and other engineering projects. 44b35c4f97445d9da5a33d5775b77a5f


Representative project: Hong Kong Peace 360 Metal Manufacturing Project

HSBC and Bank Metal Manufacturing Projects

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Metal Manufacturing Project

Display case: clothing, sleeping pillows, donation boxes for the Qatar government, etc.

Furniture case: wall decoration, object integration cabinet, counter top, etc.