Large Outdoor Metal Light Box

Large Outdoor Metal Light Box

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Large Outdoor Metal Light Box

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Large Outdoor Metal Light Box Production Process:

Cutting material:

High-end products: High-precision laser cutting machine, featuring: no cloak and burr, suitable for high-end equipment casings.

Mid-end products: It is recommended to use CNC punching machine and CNC shearing machine for operation. Suitable for large-volume, low-demand equipment enclosures.

Molding: It is produced by precision CNC bending machine to ensure the angle of the product and the assembly are seamless, straight and the holes are consistent.


Stainless steel plate: DC argon arc welding, stainless steel wire is used as the filler.

Cold rolled steel plate: DC argon arc welding, using iron wire as filler.

Aluminum plate: DC argon arc welding, aluminum wire is used as the filler.

Grinding: According to the drawings, the plane is smooth enough, the right angle should be 90°s (not good), the inner angle should be 90°s, no shadow, no holes, no gaps, no seams.

Surface treatment:

Stainless steel plate: can choose mirror, wire or sand steel (can add spray, anti-handprint, and dust).

Cold-rolled steel plate: powder-sprayed, the color can be selected according to the Pantone color card.

          Painted to suit the same surface gradient color. (Best for high-end products)

Large Outdoor Metal Light Box Product details:

Material: Stainless steel (201/304/316) Cold rolled steel sheet, etc.

Surface treatment: brushed / mirror / sand, black / white / gray (can be customized according to Pantone color).

Regular size reference (width * height * depth): Customize any size (confirm the size and fill in)

  • Material selection:

We will carefully select the right raw materials for you based on your use in different places:

Indoor area: 201 stainless steel and cold rolled steel are recommended.

Outdoor, wet or acidic areas: 304 stainless steel is recommended.

Coastal area: 316 stainless steel is recommended.

  • Sheet thickness:


Cold-rolled steel plate: Conventional custom thickness of this type is recommended to be 1.0 mm -1.2 mm.

Stainless steel plate (201 / 304 / 316): The recommended material thickness is 0.7 mm - 1.0 mm.

  • Bouncing lock: You can choose the following locks according to your own needs.

  • Types of locks: letterbox lock, bouncing lock, roll tongue lock, hand lock.

For conventional engineering projects, we recommend the use of a bounce lock. The hand can be hidden, the lock cylinder strengthens the service life of the door lock, and the structure of the accessory is tight and not easy to fall off.

  • Galvanized semi-circular skeleton: Made of galvanized sheet with a thickness of 3.0mm, it adopts a semi-circular design to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the product.

  • Galvanized frame skeleton: Made of 3.0mm thick cold-rolled square tube, fully welded and strengthened frame support and load-carrying capacity.


  • Assembly:

After installing the mainframe, all the panels are fixed with screws to prevent the backplate from coming off.

  • TV box at the top:

Here, a TV LCD screen is installed, which is mainly used to display flight information.

We use the embedded design to open the door panel freely. When installing the display, you can install the device by opening the bounce lock. When you close the door panel, the door panel is flush with the periphery of the product to keep the surface of the product smooth and beautiful.


  • Hinge: High-strength hinge Anti-loose design, the door panel is squeezed will not affect the normal opening, the switch is easy and free.

32_副本304 stainless steel elbow:

Material: φ20mm 304 stainless steel round tube processing.

Surface treatment: sand surface. When playing sand, go with the diameter of the cylindrical sand.

Process: The cored elbow is used to avoid the wrinkles caused by the curved pipe.

Stainless steel railings:

Material: 304 stainless steel plate and round tube

The bottom is made of 304 stainless steel bumper rails to prevent foreign vehicles or objects from hitting the column.


  • Bottom installation:

As you can see from the image on the left, you can see the perfect embedding of the panel and the bottom rail.

After splicing, the Phillips screw is used to fix the panel to the bottom joint.


  • galvanized round frame installation:

The panel is fixed by internal welding and screw mounting.

From the outside, there is no trace of soldering at all. Make sure the surface of the product is beautiful.

  • We must note during the installation process:

The dimensions are consistent with the drawings, and the corners are flat enough and straight enough. The diagonals are consistent, the dimensions, diagonals, angles, holes, etc. are not in the overall position, the non-deformed surface is not shadowed, and the inner angle is in accordance with the drawing standard.


  • Semi-arc panel:

Material: 2.0mm aluminum plate.

Surface treatment: matte white

Before the powder is sprayed, it is necessary to check that the workpiece is not damaged or dropped. During the quality inspection powder coating process, the color, luminosity, and texture correspond to the guest's color card. After the surface treatment, it should be checked and ensure that the surface of the aluminum panel is not exposed, no black spots, no powder, no orange peel, no fingerprints, etc.


Product packaging

Each Large Outdoor Metal Light Boxes wrapped in individual foam cotton and placed in the entire container.

Packing: 20mm foam cotton wrap.

Mode of transport:

You can choose the following suitable shipping company to check according to your personal preferences.

Express company: FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc.


Why choose us?

 The production cycle is fast.

1. Sample: After confirming all product details, complete the sample within 5-7 working days.

2. Batch: Start the mass production after first producing the first sample and confirming the details. Production time is 15-20 days. (We can provide different production plans for you according to different production processes of different products.)