Laser Spot welding

Laser Spot welding

Laser Spot welding A laser beam can join metal in different ways – it can join workpieces at the surface or create deep weld seams. It can also be combined with conventional welding processes, and can be used for soldering.

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Laser Spot welding


Spot welding and seam welding with lasers

With laser welding, you can create single joining spots or weld in continuous wave mode. 

The weld geometry describes how the parts fit together. For example, they may overlap or butt up against each other. The mechanical properties are the first thing to consider when defining the weld geometry.

Is a continuous weld required, or will the weld consist of individual welding spots? 

Is the weld made up of a large number of short lines or lots of small circles? Here, too, the decision of which type of weld to use depends on two important factors: the required strength of the weld and the maximum amount of heat input into the component.

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