Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

This is a large advertising metal light box for the airport, which is beatutiful and durable. The holes in the back of the light box help to dissipate heat from devices such as LED lights and advertising screens.

Product Details


The entire recycle bin is welded in place and beautiful, standing firmly on the ground.

Each layer can be directly inserted into a metal dish, neat and clean.

On the left side is a small locker for storing cleaning tools. On the right side is a trash can with a moving door. The leftovers are left here.

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Detail                                                                  
YS-2100179Material: Cold rolled steel plate and 201 stainless steel.

Size: 3000 X1725X 1025 mm, 500 X570X 1600mm, 410 x 480 X 1170mm

Color: Orange Any color can be customized according to requirements.

Stainless steel frame: 316 stainless steel frame, screwed to 12 orange back plates.

Collision bar: Made of 316 stainless steel tube.

Garbage bag storage bar: There is also a garbage bag storage position inside the guardrail. The table top is made of brushed stainless steel plate. 

When the garbage bag is hung in the ring. It's easy to pick up and drop the rest of the trash.

Recycling station: The whole cabinet adopts a circular arc design, which is simple and beautiful.

Top back plate: Laser metal mark, fixed with screws on the back plate.

Side logo: Paste on the side panel with self-adhesive paper.

You can also choose the following processing methods:

Silk screen printing: cost saving, silk screen can be selected, but silk screen printing can only print simple fonts and patterns, and fonts and patterns are easy to fade after a long time;

UV printing: The logo has a three-dimensional effect, and UV printing is optional. UV printing is more flexible, can print more complex fonts and patterns, and is not easy to fade.

Squat Picture: Picture Logo, you can choose to draw. The content of the screen can be freely chosen, and the flexibility is very strong, but it requires a hand to be placed on the top card, so the cost is high.

Push hand: Use a putter made of a round tube.

Middle: 8 layer stainless steel tray holder. Customers can get the tray at any time.


1) Brake pulley: Suitable for straight or inclined ground, it can move freely or firmly in position. (with photos)

2) Ordinary pulley: It is only suitable for flat ground. Although it can move freely, it is not conducive to the fixing of the display stand. (with photos)



The package method is that whtie foam, plastic bag and export KAA carton which can protect the recycle station from damaging.