Shoe Display Stand

This shoe display stand can be moved freely which is with brake wheels and 360 degree rotating to display your high-end shoes. It is a unique display for alll kind of shoe stores.

Product Details


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This shoe display stand can be moved freely which is with brake wheels and 360 degrees rotating to display your high-end shoes. It is a unique display for all kind of shoe stores.

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Product Details

The main ingredient of the product

1. Iron round tube (inner tube): diameter 35mm, selectable 30mm - 35mm

2, Iron round tube (outer tube): diameter 38mm, can choose between 36mm - 40mm

3, Iron square tube: side length 25mm, can choose 20mm - 35mm

Product size

1. Regular size: 450 * 450 * 1700mm, 480 * 480 * 1800mm (used by our company), 500 * 500 * 1800mm, 500 * 500 * 1800mm.

2, Custom size: size can be customized according to needs, it is recommended that the diameter does not exceed 550mm, the recommended height does not exceed 1900mm.

Surface treatment

1, regular color: white or black powder.

2, custom color: can be customized according to Pantone or RAL color card.

(tubes and shoes can be in two different colors)


Head card

1. Type: Acrylic head card, metal head card or cardboard head card can be used.

1) Acrylic head card: Screen printing, UV printing or enamel coating is recommended

2) Metalhead card: recommended screen printing, UV printing or enamel coating

3) Cardboard head card: recommended for four-color printing or UV printing

2. Shape: You can choose a circle, rectangle, square or other specific shapes as needed.

3, Fixed way: easy to fix with screws. After removing the screws, you are free to change the different cards.

Shoe Rack


1. The number of layers: The original design has 4 layers, which can increase or decrease the number of layers according to actual needs.

2, size: the original length of each bracket is 20mm, can be used between 20mm-30mm.

3, anti-skid design: the front end of the bracket is designed with a baffle to prevent the shoes from slipping.

  The conventional height of the baffle can be 20mm or 25mm and can be customized according to the type of shoe.

4, shelf: Our company uses a windmill design, Other shapes can be changed according to customer preferences

5, rotating design: relying on the gap between the tube and the tube, no bearing.

15555751021775Supporting foot

1. The number of support feet: Our company uses 4 feet to stabilize the entire display stand or 5 feet.

2, Support foot shape:

1) Iron square tube: Our company adopts 25mm * 25mm iron square tube as support foot, and can choose 30mm * 30mm, 35mm * 35mm, 40mm * 40mm and other conventional sizes.

2) Iron round tube: 

At the same time, an iron round tube with a diameter of 25mm-40mm can also be used as the support leg.

3, Sealing mouth: to maintain the beauty of the support feet, there are two ways.

1) Rubber stopper: 

The nozzle is sealed by a common plastic plug of the corresponding size, which is simple and convenient and has a low cost.

2) Welded metal piece: 

Weld a piece of iron of the corresponding size to seal the pipe. This method requires polishing after welding and is more expensive than rubber stoppers.

Mobile mode

1, casters:

1) Non-sliding casters: easy to move, but limited to f15555752795841lat.

2) Brake casters: easy to move, can be used for flat or small inclined ground.

2. Adjusting the foot: It can be used on uneven ground, adjust the height of the foot according to the actual situation of the ground, and maintain the balance of the display stand.

Product disassembly structure

1, tool-free installation: each layer installation does not need to use screws and other tools, just need to put directly, only need the first card you need to fix the screw, one person install for about 15 minutes.

2, reduce the packaging volume: product disassembly and packaging volume are less than 1/2 of the packaging size, saving domestic and international transportation costs.

Customers don't know how to install a display stand, how can I help customers?

1. Each product comes with an easy to understand installation manual.

2. Take the installation video to the customer.


Packing method: Recommended overall and flat packaging.

Packaging materials: The POA plastic bag is used to wrap the whole product and then placed in a KAA 5-layer carton packed with foam.